Well this happens from time to time .. I have had a spate of predictions proved right, no pun intended, in quick succession.

Often I wish I was wrong. Especially with the last post!

Normally my predictions are about the public services but once in a while they are regarding something else. This is .. often something to do with the public services or indeed a direct result of the actions of the public services. In this instance decades of the actions of the public services and successive government with a very narrow vision.

Oh they will like to point the fingers for the politically correct brigade, who I loathe, but the truth is they thin the same way much of the time and are sometimes actually caught out thinking the same way.

But the thing with politicians in the UK these days .. as long as it someone else being caught, coming out with it or doing it leaving their own jobs safe then that is all OK. All made possible by those idiots that are the hard left and the PC crowd.

I know a socialist and a lot closer to home than I would like, believe me, and we have argued for years and I have told them and told them and told the what will eventually happen and they simply would not accept it.

Just a few days ago, while we were still talking, though this is always a one way street, we were talking about this very subject. I told them that it is my belief and that of a great many others that the powers that be and the government have been trying to create deep divisions in this country to cause a civil war. Hmm ‘civil’ war? For a war to be called a ‘civil’ war it suggestions that it is a nation divided when the truth is one side of this future war .. are not British, do not consider themselves British .. most of the hate the British people and some come out with this fact while others hide it. So ‘civil’ war does not seem the right term.

I told the that I believe that large scale attacks would take place on the Muslim communities and that this could have been avoided but only by the Muslims themselves along with government. But of course whenever I stated this on here no doubt the PC idiots were disgusted about how UN-PC it was. Yeah well that is why your all idiots ..

.. you suppress human emotions and fears and all they do is fester over time, condense, bubble up, turn to venom, poison and hatred and then boil over.

But the PC crowd have always believed in two tactics .. bullying and shaming. Yeah .. hows that been working out for yah?!

I explained that it was my prediction that they were manufacturing this war so as not to get their own hands dirty and that people, mainly Muslims, would end up dying en masse if they were not careful. I was immediately called extreme right-wing and I burst out laughing and replied “Why is it with you socialists that any one that does not agree with you is automatically labelled as extreme right?! Lots of people I read and listen to on the Internet are centre with their politics but constantly labelled as extreme right wing?!” As always my questions are normally met with stunned silence or a changing of the subject.

As always ends up being the case with my predictions, sadly, a report comes out that basically proves what I have said or quoting someone that proves what I said..

Four far-right terror plots were foiled in the UK during 2017 according to the retiring head of Counter Terrorism Mark Rowley.

He also said that the threat from far-right terrorism was growing. Growing. GROWING! Sheesh!

Anyone know what ‘growing’ means?!

That means that they are increasing, I wasn’t going to say it, in number which means more and more people are leaning that way.

But then I predicted this and in recent times was hearing this from ore and more people but why has it taken so long?

Well another thing I noticed is that over a couple of decades or more and because of the way that British people got screwed over more and more while bullied into saying nothing they turned against on each other. Only teams left playing well together or those with the world of sports I am afraid. Everyone knows this and everyone admits it .. have done for five years but they still continue on behaving the same way. You point out that our biggest Achilles heel is not only refusing to work together but stabbing each other in the back while these days foreigners settling here lie through their teeth to get her, get £200,000 to set up their lives here, become Doctors without the proper qualifications, start up businesses while claiming all the benefits on the quiet and get away with it because the socialists absolutely insist that they are all wonderful honest people. Yes .. sorry, they are not. Some groups have a very large percentage of dishonesty among their numbers while others might be tiny. But it is the big numbers that are the ones that have been allowed to proliferate at everyone else’s expense and they now know this.

The reality is that more and more people realise the truth and that results in their politics changing completely or just leaning harder in a certain direction, not to the left. In fact even among the socialists and the SWP in particular I can tell you that many members think they got it wrong and admit it to each other but I bet it is not in their newspapers though?!

It is annoying that I know this is being manipulated to take place and all by the government, or more accurately their puppeteers. But at the exact same time I cannot see a way to avoid it now and have not been able to think of a way around it for a few years now. Yeah SWP, communists, socialists and PC crowd alike? Do not even bother beyond this point, you will be wasting your time, seen and heard as insulting and may even speed up the process?!

Finally and even then only ‘maybe’ a job for those whose politics are centre? Yeah, Tony Blair, trust me when I say your out! Sorry .. did not take me long before realising what you were and the revelations that you lied were something of a shock too.

You see being centre is about being fair while it is still grounded in reality while not venturing into the completely bonkers and inhumane where those on the extreme left and right find themselves. Inhumane and bonkers on both the left and right.

You know the difficulty with being fair? You get attacked by both the left and right and you only want to be fair! LMAO!

Yeah politics is a bitch., I hate the idea of having to be left or right because you have to believe in a collective way of thought. Some ideas might be right in given situations and these might come from either side.

But no one ever gets it wrong on TV though .. like the Amber Warning of Heavy Snow for this area between 3am and 8am this morning .. it .. oh wait? Not so much as a snow flake. Well in my daughter’s area no signs or notices because there was not going to be any snow so they got that .. oh no, wait? It is fucking buried! I wonder if anyone is keep track of the area they fitted snow plows to the gritters and places they did not and whether it snowed or not? I mean for fuck sake .. the snow clouds are just off shore over the North Sea and you still got it wrong?! Jesus H. Christ, that was totally worth the £57 Million for a new computer hey, Met Office who are oddly still giving out yesterdays maps this morning and Merseyrail no mention of snow. But then like I said to my daughter .. maybe they did not get into work this morning to change the ebsites because of the snow?!

I said to a Labour supporter once that things have been so unfair towards the British, born and Caucasians, for such a long time and there is so much hate that you need someone who is a but left wing towards the Brits for a period and right wing towards certain foreign groups. He said he was blown away by that and I was totally right. I said that if they do not come up with an idea like that and quickly it will be too late.

It looks like it might be too late but then this is probably what they wanted all along anyway?

You cannot badger or force people into a way of thinking .. sure you can brain-wash but this would generally be considered cruel and not always work anyway. Ask China! Ask Russian and ask North Korea.

I mean let me ask you a question? ..

Do you genuinely want to stop these things or do you want to stop and argue about who is right?

The latter part of that argument, I might add, I do not give a shit what anyone thinks as it does not affect the outcome at all!

A few links ..

The Independent ..

The Guardian ..

The BBC (spit!)

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