Well I am afraid to say that I called it a long time ago and it has long since been happening.

What seems like an absolute eon ago now I started this blog and when I did one of the many subject matters was the NHS and their attitude. A laid back and strict attitude towards nationwide rules and individual rules treated by brain dead staff as if everyone has the same rules.

Just like the local councils and the DWP a terrible attitude was adopted by this once great organisation designed for people to fail so that they could save money.

I myself have revealed and provided evidence and recordings that they have lied about drugs, lied about health conditions and falsified test results as well as altered letters before reaching GP’s. The sad part about it and something that the NHS are unaware of is that I have recordings that span across the last three years that I have been unable to sift through and publish! I never published anything because the NHS discovered I was recording, tried to say I was breaking the law, invited them to stop me legally and so they went .. quiet. Not actually doing anything self incriminating and I knew this would continue for awhile. So I stopped publishing things but I always carried on recording. They told more lies and refused to refer me off for some serious issues.

Now what I stated way, way back was that this terrible attitude was going to cost lives and that if I knew this then they damn well did. One man realising this and talking about the inevitability of each thing would surely be realised in an organisation with hundreds or even thousands of people.

In these organisations your talking about hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people many of which are professionals. This suggests intelligence to varying percentages with the NHS being a way higher percentage than others.

Hippocratic oaths anyone?!

I would also have said one other thing but should have also predicted it too .. maybe I did? This is the fact that this will eventually kill children! It affects everyone so will affect children.

The sad truth is when these tricks and plans are introduced they are always ignored by everyone until it either affects them, someone they know or read of it being the cause of the death of children.

Yesterday I was tagged in a story and discovered this was the truth now for a young girl called Ellie May Clark, aged 5 who I hate to say sadly died as a result of these evil plans and people more concerned with money and their God given right to large salaries.

I simply still could not believe it as I typed that and .. well let us just say that the person that tagged me in that is well aware that their local council have knowingly and repeatedly, talking years here, placed not one but FIVE children in danger. Two of those Autistic.

Now as if this story was not bad enough already .. well .. I am afraid it gets far worse ..

  • She died because she was refused to be seen

  • She was refused to be seen because she was five minutes late

  • For what was an emergency appointment

  • By a partner of the GP Surgery

  • A partner who was also a lead in child safeguarding

  • The reason the appointment was made was not even asked for?!

  • This was January 2015 and the poor little girl died later that day

This rout of the lives of British people by their own who are normally or probably some combination of lazy, delusions of grandeur, self obsessed, over indulgent and likely overweight people with an over the top feeling of self importance has to stop.

Fuck me you did a degree .. and are GENERAL PRACTITIONERS! I did a degree .. you do not read about me harping on about the salary and career I should have! Fucking half-wit!

Will the others learn anything from this? Will they fuck! Despite the airs and graces and feelings of self importance and how they are of higher intelligence and important than everyone else that ever enters their surgeries .. they revert back to mere mortals because it is either a gamble therefore the odds are low it will happen to them. Or they are just so fucking good, despite being just general at what they do, it wont happen to them.

What the all are, are fucking idiots .. rules to force you to be strict, penalties is you refer people off, diagnose people or provide expensive drugs, times that re unreasonable which all mean that YOU make the mistakes and not them. I mean .. turning down a child because they are five minutes late?! REALLY?! What .. a .. moron!

Now look at the date this occurred?

January of 2015! How many people have died prior to this and the absolutely terrifying thing is how many more stories like this are we going to, and not as the case my well be with the news media, hear about?

Sad .. reminds me of my daughter asking why no one in Britain does or says anything. But then maybe they do and maybe they have but they are just not reporting it on the TV News? I do know of many things not being reported and many questions not being asked ..

.. and they talk about how bad state controlled news media is in China and North Korea?! I guess the western world has learned how to hide it better?

This was over Asthma. How many other serious illnesses have cause death or serious deterioration because of these attitudes?

But then it seems to me that to the British people, or a large percentage of them, what is important is careers and being paid their salaries?!

Name of the offending GP? Dr, questionable, Joanne Rowe.


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