Before I found myself in my current situation .. held up by tasks and .. well, others, I mentioned a very brief stay in a hospital on the Wirral.

This was by some margin the worst stay I believe I have had in a hospital, despite several members of staff being the most .. well, hospitable (no pun intended).

Now .. a name I mentioned to the idiot I spoke to, who was actually from Liverpool and was not factual despite his insistence of my medical condition, was recognised. As it turns out .. I now find out that the name I mentioned knew exactly who this was, more on this in a few months, and I discovered why this moron remembered the name ..

.. because they called him ‘a wanker’ more or less. Because he had the exact same attitude he gave me, was an idiot jobsworth that obviously believed that the NHS, namely him, should be paid for doing fuck all. As should the local councils .. despite obtaining money under false pretences and any idiot can easily find that out, hey, investigative journalists that avoid these stories like the plague!

Rather bizarrely and also a sign that he was not as intelligent as he liked to think that he was, I was very obviously not from around those parts of the country. NOT EVEN CLOSE. It would be obvious to everyone that I was either a Londoner or from somewhere very south-east.

Now with that realisation you might be forgiven for thinking that in their case they might ask themselves how they would measure up to other hospitals from so far away? Umm .. no.

I realised at the very end that there was a severe problem with this hospital .. because of the absolutely humongous change between th first four people and then the very last one .. contradicting what the other four had stated to me and in the same process asking me why I had asked and/or expected certain things to be done. Umm .. yeah .. wasn’t me you fucking blithering idiot, it was ALL FOUR of your fellow colleagues that stated these things.

I got this distinct feeling that during the three hour or so wait, it was 11am when picked up and dark when I left, these staff members were either reprimanded for being human or more likely after I had left. Reprimanded and bullied was the picture in my mind. He had already stated that the ‘111’ system was a complete waste of time and that they were all idiots. Well what do you expect you blithering idiot .. it was obviously another front created to shift blame away when someone dies. A bit like Atos, Maximus and Capita .. except they were not set up by the government and are private contractors that get paid handsome;y to lie and cheat so that the public services and government do not get caught red handed. Except now and moving forward .. sorry all you MP’s but people are realising thanks to that you never fully understood .. the Internet and smartphones.

Oddly enough I was stating to someone recently about this ‘takes forever and accepted as such by everyone’ attitude of public services and government. I have always said no and that it would all end in tears .. too bloody late. Well this is also true of big private companies too. Someone mentioned to me that the major tabloids now ask for donations when you venture onto their web-page. I said that I knew and just like in government services they ignored a changing world due to taking forever or sheer incompetence, been left behind by other news services, no one buying newspapers any more and .. been left behind. Bummer!

But when they get it wrong .. they seem to think they have the right to expect others to pay for their mistakes, despite these mistakes being in the millions or even billions of pounds?!

I ask people that if any member of the public made a mistake and went to these people for help what would be the response? “No! It’s your fault!” and despite this being a few hundred or a few thousand pounds. Oooh no! That would draw the reactions that your taking the piss or stupid. But when it is millions or billions and for organisations that were handing millions or billions .. not that is OK. Of course it is natural with these humongous figures that a few tens of millions or the odd billion winds up under the cushions of the proverbial sofa?!

So then .. Arrowe Park Hospital where they all fully expect to receive salaries while not providing services? Ooh how I would hate to be a public servant (servant? LMAO) over the next five to ten years. Anyway .. yeah it seems that ..

  • Bullying been reported by the Liverpool Echo, surprise surprise
  • Tribal Divisions between Nurses
  • Hiding of hospital beds going on
Now remember me stating for over five years that the problem with people who are amoral and dishonest? Not to mention easily corrupted?
In fact being a mental health professional and his rudeness I have wondered how many people with mental health problems have taken their own lives after speaking to him or someone with that same attitude?!


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