“Too stunned to comment”

That was the line I had in my notifications in Facebook .. well I had to take a look. I also had no idea what it was I was going to find. Cannot be anything that shocking, .. surely?

Umm yup!

Some Tory .. wan .. person said that the best thing for disabled children is the guillotine?! You had better believe it!

I bet some of you thought the headline was to use the guillotine for the Tories?! LMAO!

Oh .. my .. God .. this just gets .. BETTER! He is a retired GP?! I would be thanking God for this gift were it not so fucking disgusting.

His name is Owen Lister, hmm smeghead? I also have some advice for him .. people that want to behave like that of the animal kingdom, namely reptiles of which I have expertise very literally, would not wear fucking suits! Or clothes for that matter. When we started to become civilised ever so slowly we started wearing clothes. Funny how you would lose the lives of children though. But not your fucking suit. Lol.

But then again maybe he does lose the suit? Maybe he is a naturist and maybe that is a way to catch out amoral people because they have this .. hatred of clothes? Ahhh I am only messing here.

What I am pleased about, if this is at all posible with something like this, is the fact that I have believed and I have harped on for four or five years or more about how I have personally believed that the Tories were actively taking steps to drop disabled people.

Now if you can say that the best thing for disabled children is the guillotine .. take a wild guess at what they secretly think about disabled adults?!

Suddenly it does not sound quite so bonkers as it did as when I first started stating this five years ago. does it?

I have a guy into conspiracy theories who is currently focused on depopulation and the chicken shortage at KFC. Hmm I wonder if I told him that in many areas of the animal kingdom, we are supposed to be above this, it is the weakest and youngest that are preyed on or die first?!

Mr Lister .. I might remind you that nowhere in the animal kingdom do a small number of liars who portray themselves to be human, would lose if society reverted back to an ‘animal kingdom’ because it requires intelligence, strength and abilities to survive, do a small number live at the top purely because of the number or cockle shells they have horded. Or printed bits of paper, or shiny things .. or paint covered canvas.

Time after time these people prove themselves to be complete fucking idiots that lack anything in the way of wisdom at all.

I have seen this attitude with GP’s myself where time after time they mistakenly think they are the smartest and often the most important person in the room. WRONG!

But Owen Lister takes this to a whole new level and now and fucking finally I can prove what I have been trying to tell people for bloody years.

I just have one more thing to say ..

How the fuck did this animals become a GP and .. do they not swear a Hippocratic oath?!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that this man stated this some time ago and that even though the webpage link below has been … ‘UPDATED’ that this was still a year ago nearly. I am slowly being asked by each person I know how this did not end up on TV?! A bloody good point!


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