Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Apart from someone called Victoria .. someone who appeared from nowhere and if never heard of .. this legal action against the Metropolitan Police went under my radar.

Admittedly my ‘radar’ is not very good at times due to situations and circumstances. I have one bad situation I’m not taking about a great deal. I also have a while at of circumstances I’m also not talking about at all. Sorry.

Those that have been coming here awhile might now be thinking ‘ooooh?’ and .. well .. yeah.

I’ve always stated that with me and this blog is not always the things that I am stating you need to be taking notice and/or be wary of but often the things I am not.

If I suddenly stop talking about a situation then you can pretty much bet that there have been some radical developments. You can also take it that things are very, very different to how they were when I last mentioned them.

Trust me when I say that there are bloody good reasons, of love to divulge many things .. must be running into the dozens now, but simply cannot.

I do not like giving my enemies a heads-up to an attack and my enemies are not all known and can arise from the strangest of places. I think. Well .. I do not know to be honest and I tend to just think of them as a single entity when there is, in reality, a fair number of them. All bad people and organisations, of that you can be assured. All guilty of one or more crimes against the people and probably humanity on occasion?

This report is about the case of the black cab, I did not even realise he was a black cab driver and therefore in London, driver John Warboys.

The Police have been found guilty of treating rape victims like absolute shit.

Seems to be systemic, does it not?

Around the country the Police have been found to be doing this, even the odd GP too like one in Liverpool a few years back I covered on here.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

It ain’t over.

This war between the rape victims and the Police was concluded in the Supreme Court of all places.

Funny as I’ve been complaining of the lack of use of the higher echolons of the British Legal system being used for the rich and not for the benefit of all for someone now. Now we finally get this? Taken long enough.

So finally, or maybe it has happened previously, the court and no less than the Supreme Court in this instance uses the word ‘inhumane’ to describe a public service. Well it is a start .. now we only need this stated about one or preferably more local councils and the NHS. IN typing that last sentence I have realised this was probably said about disability assessments which the DWP got lucky with as its not directly, but is indirectly, linked to them.

So out of the big four I have been publishing about, NHS, DWP, Local Councils and Police, we have two of the four had the word .. or insinuated that they have been found to be inhumane and .. that strongly suggests corrupt.

The both hilarious and disturbing part about all this is that they make you pay to run them so that they can do this to you?! ‘Pay taxes for us so that we can treat you like garbage’.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: John Worboys case: Met Police loses ‘landmark’ appeal –


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