I wish I could step into the distant future.

A time where society as a whole had woken up and stiff and stupid laws have changed.

Laws that they claim are to protect us but which at times only serve groups that have old fashioned and outdated notions that are not just wrong but have been proved to be so over and over and over again.

How is there even a legal fight of any kind to be allowed to stop someone’s pain or suffering?! Just how the fucking hell do we get into a situation where the law on something serves absolutely no other purpose than to cause suffering?!

Then you have to look into just how long this has been in place. Then how long it will stay in place. Then consider just how many people have suffered agonising symptoms, shaking, pain and other ailments in all the years this blind incompetence has gone on?!

I only see two words pop up in my mind when stupid laws exist that cause suffering ..

Money from fear of lack or decreased work and/or difficult to tax and ..

Religion .. because some fucking outdated notion that something is linked to a non existent figure, red with horns, living in a fiery pit.

Really?! No .. fucking REALLY?!

You have to consider that among those suffering will be old people and .. CHILDREN.

Here is another example of a complete waste of time and money that was completely unsuccessful in getting a bunch of overpaid people who are leeching off the taxpayers to uphold the rules that serve no one. A ridiculous example where the answer was to pop across the English Channel with their son and administer a drug for a rare condition that proved successful.

I mentioned that one possibility of this stupid law is saving money or over money? Well .. read this ..

This child was experiencing 3,000 seizures in a single year and 48 of these resulted in a hospital visit!

Despite this condition and form of epilepsy being rare .. very rare, with only six cases worldwide, many conditions exist that cause shaking and convulsions.

Now think about that. How many people that have trembling or shaking to deal with? How many with convulsions? Epileptics? Parkinson’s? How many other conditions? How many affected within the UK?

But all of these have to suffer because of difficulty introducing taxes or an action being linked to the devil’s work?!

Fucking REALLY?!

Good God how I would love to live in a country where it’s not predominantly made to of a populace that are secretly amoral, mostly naive and the rest sit on their arses and do nothing. A country where they are not mostly right wing in all the wrong areas and the wrong reasoning .. to keep to the appearance that they are left wing. Helping one or more groups at the expense of another.

The drug is not even the one that I’m not allowed, which is Sodium oxybate which is not allowed anywhere in Europe. Nope .. we are talking, of course, of Cannabis.

Who was it that denied this child the only drugs, out of the tens of thousands of drugs they make billions on, that worked?

Why that would be the Home Office of course and giving the umpteenth example of a complete mockery of the law and the government and a complete waste of taxpayers money while letting down those they were tasked to protect.

God, I hate this country at times.

I am sure if you complained they would answer ..

“No but that’s the way that it is”

No, that is a bloody mess and the way that you constantly leave it in.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Home Office denies medical cannabis pleas for boy age six – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-43101716


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