I get sent links and notifications of news stories from all kinds of places.

Tonight I spotted one sent to me that was on Facebook and when I read the article I could not believe what I was reading.

The best part, if there could ever be a best part from s story like this, is that it was spotted by someone I had been trying to get through to for the longest time. Though to be honest I had previously thought that I had. But them seeing this? Nail to the coffin!

Two parents with a seriously Autistic daughter are having trouble coping, suffer from depression themselves and is that any wonder? They feel like they have been pushed t the end of the line and that they have been abandoned.

Two parents. One Autistic child. How about one parent and two Autistic children? Being abandoned and with serious health issues they are considering refusing treatment for?! They already refused one.

Oddly enough a lifeline was given out with a sales pitch and .. it has been like showing someone a light at the end of a tunnel but after a period of quiet you start to wonder if it was fake and just a flash light. One minute you think that there is an end to it all and then you are put through this limbo and start to doubt .. normally after becoming impatient and this is because time scales talked about do not turn out to be the case.

Of course I have theories at either end of the scale and one involves becoming preoccupied with others while another involves becoming preoccupied with government .. involvement. Think of the latter as a form of damage limitation exercise?

I cannot image what things have been like for these poor unfortunate parents and there must be many others in this position?! I always speak like that, that it is going on everywhere, and this occurrence took place in another place I have been linked too. Bristol. The B’s that have haunted me for years .. Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bristol and Braintree. Just don’t. Just don’t ask.

Oddly enough I know for a fact that this abandonment is going on in the Wirral and of course it should not take a genius to realise now that things are .. really bad?

Samantha, who cares for Bella full time along with David, said: ‘When staff leave, they don’t seem to be replaced and with funding cuts, it seems the number of professionals who deal with cases like ours are depleting.’

And how do the local councils, not corrupt and run like some criminal organisations, get away with it? With the public service standard response to any question from anyone .. including, it would seem, the news media ..

According to a council spokesperson, they do not comment on individual cases but will continue to support the Mildon family.

Governmental .. bullshit as per usual.

I have heard this so many times before .. even from HMRC when I asked them how they had made so many mistakes over parents Child Tax Credits, how they took so long to realise quite so many mistakes and how they just assumed they could get back money for mistakes they made. If there were mistakes to begin with and HMRC were not flouting the law to gain back money for the treasury?!

The little girl is aged nine, called Bella Mildon, and at this age they have had to deal with this for a long time. In another case the child has only just turned four and though they might have five years to reach this stage, it gets worse as they get older I am told, in this second case there is a second child that is also Autistic and two others to add to this. Plus they are alone.

This child also injures herself and has several meltdowns each day, I know what this is like but to this degree? No.

Although she has been placed on specialist anti-psychotic medication twice a day to help ease her episodes, the special needs school she previously attended still deemed her too complex for them.

Even the MP for the area had to admit that the whole story was a disgrace ..

Samantha said: ‘Bella is a child who has fallen through the cracks. Even our local MP, Liam Fox, said exactly that when we wrote to him for help. He said it was disgraceful.’ 

I have lost count of the number of times I have said it and I have lost count of the number of ‘deaf ears’ I have said it to.

Because of those naïve people and amoral people the situation has gotten steadily worse over the years and the number of cases of abandonment has probably gotten to a nerve shattering heady figure. It will also get worse until the population of this nation decides to stand up and be heard. For that though you need enough merely naïve people to join there voices with the caring people and hope that the two are enough? Or more precisely that there is enough of them?

Check your Council Tax bill and I am sure you will find the breakdown states that a sum of money goes towards ‘Social Care’?!

Forgive me if I am wrong but I am sure this is classed as fraud and obtaining money by deception?!


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