Well let us .. branch out from the norm and talk about something else .. which I do touch upon but in another .. field. My field.

Along with perusing apps and webpages for things to write about when it comes to corruption, public services, sometimes private companies and the occasional venture overseas I am normally trying to do many other things.

I have blogs on reptiles, amphibians and fish, of which I am highly knowledgeable. I have a blog about Orchids, Astronomy and try to write to a music and film blog. But another blog and subject lies in the field to which I acquired my degree and the very thing I am using to type this post ..

.. computing. Computers. Or BSc Applied Computing to be precise, from Middlesex University where I stupidly turned down the offer of a Doctorate. Well I think they offered me that based on how much I know about other subjects and a system I kind of designed. That design is elsewhere on this blog, though you might have to go way back and I am not going to go into that here.

So on YouTube I look up all the above. As I am also a bit of a gamer and purchased a new camera that takes 42 megapixel raw files I was looking to build a new PC. I have not gotten around to that but it is kinda coming. At some point. Though in all honesty as a new version of the hardware I was going to use is more or less imminent .. I might wait a bit even if I am in a position to build something?

If there is one thing you should pick up from all the above and my general interest in meteorology, volcanology and other sciences is that I am a stickler for being factual. Though I do make the occasional error. Well I am not infallible you know?!

So not only do I like to be as factual as possible when I post I also like to glean information from people that are as factual as possible.

Now as much as there are what you could call technology journalists I like over others I am often confused when watching or listening to reviews. I do not care which one you listen to, how many views they get or how many subscribers they get. They often get things wrong and sometimes this can come across as suspicious. Some play to their strengths, some sound intelligent and use that while making the occasional faux pas .. even mispronouncing names they should otherwise know.

These mistakes do not go unnoticed and some get confused, correctly so, of being on the payroll of one firm or another. Some even get caught out online being on payrolls in a rather incompetent way, as we will get to in a minute.

But like in all technology, trying to think of an example that does not involve tech, you get fanboys and they are .. bloody unbearable at times.

You get fanboys with the gaming consoles of Microsoft, Playstation and Nintendo.

You eve get fanboys for things like cameras of the companies Nikon and Canon, mainly, but also with Sony and Fujifilm .. hmm that last one you do not really get rabid fanboys with.

You also get fanboys within the world of the personal computer and these normally belong to one of three factions that make Graphics Processing Units, or GPUs, like nVidia, Central Processing Units, or CPUs, lie Intel or one that does both, AMD.

Now AMD was aways the underdog and the value choice with short bursts of being number one in pure number crunching in the area of CPUs and GPUs. But they took a bit of a back seat for a bit, came back with a bang but to my amazement this was largely or in part played down by many tech morons .. sorry journalists. What had clearly happened is that they had been with certain brands for so long that the very notion of pulling away or rotting for someone else became odd at best and .. dare I say, possibly suffering financially at worst. Free stuff, pay offs and the like?

So .. yeah I was a bit confused at the lack of enthusiasm considering this would end a cost problem of charging too much, force things to move forwards and get people buying stuff again and as they all use affiliate links .. potentially raise everyone’s revenue? But .. they did not seem that excited .. except ..

.. many main users ignored what many said and went out and bought these CPUs called Ryzen and they were reporting some pretty good things. First off you had 8 CPU cores on a chip each of which could process two threads, meaning you had 16 threads in total. This was for less a lot less than £500 when the same thing at Intel was being charged way over £1,000 and I seem to recall it being £1,700?! Yeah .. lac of enthusiasm I here you ask? Lol.

Anyway .. I did eventually come across a Scottish chap called Jim who has a channel called AdoredTV and he was a little different from the others. Clear, concise and factual. Of course his praise had a certain fanboy section accusing him of being closely affiliated with AMD and .. well .. it was laughable. Because he also was not kind to an AMD GPU when that was launched a while later.

He often did something that was a breath of fresh air to me, despite complete morons complaining about this, by calling out other so-called tech journalists for getting things wrong. This led to a heated back and forth and I knew there would be more.

One channel I did not really trust that much was recently scrutinised by many including AdoredTV and mistakes were pointed out which were constantly refuted. This channel was PC Perspective or PCPer as it is known. AdoredTV did a video about it and then in his own meticulous fashion delved a bit deeper and found out that in another review .. PC Perspective, or a guy there, seem to have particular things he did not disclose. He was a little too affiliated with someone, or so it seemed in the video, had been shown to be misleading his viewers and he reacted to a video about it.

He sent a ridiculously and laughable long email that did not state the facts, accused AdoredTV of not doing things correctly, as did other morons, which was wrong and did not bother to research this where he would have discovered that AdoredTV followed things to the letter. When this gets pointed out these mindless morons start saying things like “Well in my opinion this should have been done” oh yeah .. billions of people on the planet lets all start throwing in what we all think should have happened?! Jesus H. Christ!

What sensible people were saying was that they had also spent years watching videos and did not quite trust what was being shown or stated, felt like they were being lied to by everyone else and was relieved that someone somewhere had some level of integrity about them.

Oh .. then there is Wendell .. forgot about him. He is OK. His mate needs some bedside manner lessons but Wendell of Level1Techs is very good. Mostly if you use Linux!

Of course this has pissed off all the others many of which have built up a big following .. some got greedy and got sponsors and affiliates and .. free stuff and shit for saying stuff and shit and now worried they will lose the one thing they should have deemed important all along. Their viewers and followers.

Of course as most blind and angry apes do they lash out at those they deem responsible when the fact of the matter is it is themselves that are responsible.

Oh I almost forgot .. rule one in being caught out and the knee-jerk response used in recent times on the Internet, on YouTube, Twitter and just about everywhere else?

State that you have been threatened, your life has been threatened and insinuate this could happen to the one who posted the facts. So, in other words, make your own threats.

What this all results in is an absolutely perfect example of where journalists seem to get bigger and bigger and abuse their positions more and more for perks.

Remember that. Bigger and bigger and the abuse of their position and the misleading of their viewers seems to get worse and worse. So if these guys get caught out doing it then what are the biggest companies in media doing?

Do not forget about the accusations flying about with the BBC and across the pond in Hollywood right now?!

Listen for yourselves and make your own minds up ..

Intel Con Job too ..


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