Relying on free money, forced fines and other shit?

Well .. you should have stopped years ago when I warned a about this kind of crap and it has been going on for years, perpetrated and encouraged by so-called professionals that are in actual fact idiots and morons at the end of the day. Doctors and health experts are the ones that immediately spring to mind when I typed that.

‘Ooh something is bad for you, lets tax that! This is bad for everyone, that is bad for everyone let us just put taxes on it to put people off?! Oh, but wait? Everyone is still doing it and buying it?! Ooh this is good .. we have a load of free tax money we can both use and rely on having for the next decade of three! Wow .. we got money from tobacco and alcohol this way let us keep doing it?! We can make people pay for water that is not even suitable for drinking, down the line of course. We can charge a tax over and over again for the use of cars we have forced people to reply on as we stand behind them with our metaphorical whips forcing them to take any job going, no matter how bad. Tax for the use of the roads, tax on the petrol and diesel and then .. we can invent sections of roads that you are not allowed to park on and then collect fines for those. Yeah I mean it does not matter that this is what roads were intended for and built for and therefore built and designed fucking wrongly. Like we always have done we can just make them pay for out mistakes in the jobs that they provided for us by voting. After that and we have taxed everything else we can tax sugar, something that the body actually needs?! COOL, let us spend the next fifty years doing that. I mean if anything goes wrong it will be way own the line and we will be retired or dead. It will be our grandchildren that end up paying for it and even then only those of the poor and working classes!’

Yeah .. what could possibly go wrong?!

Well I do not know if you have looked at the TV News lately or even outside your window but shit is going wrong. Much of it has been going wrong and reported as such long before the financial crisis started.

In fact I am willing to bet that much of the ‘oh’s’ in the House of Commons were from Members of Parliament that realised that shit was going to hit the fan. After all Tony Blair took money and support away from mental health sufferers first long before the financial crisis started showing that it was likely someone in government knew the financial crisis was coming? So why all that noise?

Oh yeah how could I forget? In recent years and maybe eve decades the government has slowly ignored expert advisers.

The government, the House of Commons and maybe even the House of Lords has in effect become a big giant gambling house where they have recently lost in a most calamitous way. But as is usual, and quite sadly expected and accepted by most, they run out the door before someone else comes in and makes the people pay for it.

Now if you happen to be one of the people that voted for the person in power when all this was going belly up then there might be an argument for them paying based on their naivety? It is a stretch I give you that but it is a valid argument. So what if you did not vote for any of those in power because you knew where things are leading?!

Welcome to my world.

So then in the link below Northamptonshire Council have, in effect, sectioned themselves. ‘Sectioned themselves’? Sounds quite funny when I think about it.

What they have done is bring in a Section 114 notice banning any future expenditures.

I have to admit that if I thought anything like this was going to happen to any local council I would have fully expected it and even bet on this being Wirral. At least long before it occurred with Northamptonshire County Council.

There is, of course, the possibility that section 114 notices have already been announced at Wirral Council or any other council for that matter and this is just the first time I am hearing or reading about it? Perhaps this has happened to YOUR council?

Heather Smith the Conservative leader of the council in question stated that they had been warning government for the last four or five years and that the council was going to “fall over the edge of a cliff”


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