Well this one was a surprise .. well .. an expected surprise.

I have been fully expecting things to boil over between the public and those morons that work for public offices and local councils in particular.

I have waited for so very long now.

The seams coming apart will be coming in 2018 and 2019 but .. I see evidence of it starting and it is starting somewhere I really did not expect it to.

Once again we are back in Northamptonshire in a place called Desborough. Desborough? It sounds .. familiar somehow.

Anyway ..

Yeah .. there was some obvious and inevitable abuse thrown at them .. and a claim of a brick thrown too?! Through the patio window of .. umm .. someone .. ah, one Jane Pearce. Apparently a load of Tories in the authority have now quit?! Well they must have got in somehow and now forced to leave in shocking, abusive and violent fashion.

Well .. I have long stated that I fully expect a meltdown and I probably predicted it would be within five years? It took a little longer than I imagined, as everything else has done but .. it seems others were naive about it when a statement read ..

We deplore the unpleasantness, rudeness, abuse and bullying which Jane has endured and to which we, ourselves, have also been subject. Vigorous political debate over issues of substance conducted in a civil manner is one thing. But personal abuse, intimidation and threats is quite another.

Yeah .. what did you expect?

Here is a tip .. I expected this for over five years and my advice is to expect more of this.

Oh dear.

You see there in lies the rub. These morons get away with shit because they insist on continuing to talk while their policies, taxes, fines and anything else continue to be paid.

Yeah .. look how long the middle-east has been talking? Gotten anywhere despite the huge cost to taxpayers for envoys and the like? Nope. Will it ever? Nope. But they love to bang on about continuing to talk.

Sorry, Stephen Hawking but there is always a time limit on talks. It is simply human nature and especially when the public as a whole start to see this ‘talking’ as an effing delay tactic!

This one was sent to me on Facebook.

It states that there is a 400% rise, that is four times what it was, but not clear if this is the council tax or something else. I mean ..

How can council tax rise 400%?!

I do not know what the council tax was there but if we took an example of say £1,000 then the very thought of it suddenly rising to £4,000 and especially as there is no council tax benefit any longer .. yeah what the hell did they think was going to happen? Be sent bunches of roses for God sake?!

I have already seen examples where there is nothing left for food and heating and people have been dying because of it, just ask Paula Peters of DPAC about that one. I have seen examples now where what they want back is actually more than they give out .. or certainly seems like it?!

Fucking bean counters that either do not know what in the world a bean is or cannot count.

You just do not do this .. especially as they have had this holier than thou, think they are above the law and God complex attitudes within public services for a very long time now. It was all a recipe for disaster.

It is a disaster and it is a disaster that will slowly play out over a couple of years and it was always going to end around the years of 2020 to 2022 and maybe beyond that? What I did not know was when it was going to start but after the last four months I have personally experienced? Yeah it was any time this year of 2018 and likely very early.

One person in the comments section may give a pointer to where this will occur next and this is only the comments section .. we have absolutely no idea how bad each council borough is and I never expected this to happen where it did ,,

EAST DEVON > No Police , Street Lights turned off , parking spaces changed from 1Hour to Half an hour ( EXMOUTH ) ,Schools overcrowded but council tax still going up so council bods and civil servants can have a big pension and retire early !!!!! so good for Desborough

So it could strike absolutely anywhere and despite how much I hate each public service outside of fire services and ambulance service .. I would not want to be them for all the tea in China!



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