I was asked to look at this sad, sad story today and .. write about it.

It seems familiar but then I have seen stories similar to this I have written about. The father in this story looked a little familiar and I wondered if I had covered it already but had forgotten due to my short term memory problems?

But I decided to write about it anyway as there is absolutely nothing wrong and making more and more people aware of the bad things going on within the public services. There is a lot going on within the public services and not only that but a lot going on BETWEEN the public services.

Oddly the DPA, or Data Protection Act, was initially created to stop any one of three public services from acquiring information the other two. These are, or were, the Police, Department of Work and Pensions and of course the National Health Service. Though quite why you would stop the NHS from accessing data from the other two I do not know.

What I do know is this is being violated at worst and quite regularly and at best skirted around the borderline area to achieve what they can without violating the law.

I this instance a baby of twenty months old that was unconscious from, by the NHS’s own words, a mystery illness but was being refused to be transferred. I was immediately reminded of that child whose parents wanted the proton-beam therapy, I think it was, and the NHS hospital told lies to try ans stop them.

Makes you think of the references I and others have made about a culling of the British population going on, does it not? Well if you have read those comments on my blog posts. As mad and as far fetched as it sounds some .. decisions and some .. things going on you read about sound so mad that the idea of culling does not sound quite so ludicrous any longer.

I just checked the date in the link below and it states 1st February 2018 so doubtful I have covered this story .. unless it has gone on for many months?

Hmm .. many months? Well it is a court within the British justice system and when I think that the judge in the case was reported as stating that they can all agree that everyone is their in the child’s best interests .. sorry but if it were not such a horrific case I would laugh at this statement. Time could be of the essence here so I really do not see how a lengthy court case is in the child’s best interests?! Jesus Christ! Why is it that I fond out on a daily or weekly basis of ever more people in positions of power, influence or with power over people’s lives and fates make ever more utterly stupid and moronic statements?!

The child is in Alder Hey Hospital, which once again seems to ring some bells with me, and has been visited by specialists from Italy. Those specialists believe they can help the child and the child’s parents want to have their son transferred. But just like before .. someone is attempting to block this from happening. So much for the European Union, eh?!

Another instance where this so called union of nations is, has and likely always well be utter bollocks! Sorry but these people, despite their careers and so-called educations are just so full if shit!

“Prolonging his life unnecessarily is not a way to go considering his brain is being progressively destroyed and there is no prospect of recovery,”

Take notice of the words .. ‘brain being progressively destroyed” .. now consider the inordinate (extremely long) period of time it would have taken to get to this stage in the court hearing to the point where it is being reported about? Best interests of the child? Go fuck yourselves! How much damage has been done to him in this time? But, hey? I guess the Doctors and the Hospital get proved right, do they not? By the time the case was over with, or got to this stage, it probably was too late as they have claimed?

This is akin to Jimmy Savile who gets caught after he dies. Some time after he dies too.

You see I have been against this whole government and public service attitude that things, or rather just they, take time. I have been dead against this for effing years. At some point evil people realise that because things take a long time that they can get away with their evil actions and inhumanity until it is too late. Either they would be too old or even dead of old age before they got found out. It annoys me that absolutely no one thought of this idea or possibility nor of scores of others. Well no one except me, that is. Though to be fair I have seen my fair share of smart alecs come out with some things I have done. Like Nick Knowles wife stating that all the TV people always act nice in the presence of cameras, microphones and crowds. Some even come up with ideas of expose things that I never even thought about.

It is nice to know that I am not fighting this alone .. though .. I am actually fighting this alone. Well I mean to say that in my instance I am a team of one! Lol.

You would be forgiven for thinking that .. this report would put s top to things like this but no .. they just keep on coming.

If a certain .. Honey is reading this, coming here fro Facebook, then I will state this ..

Nothing lasts forever and I am aware of a series of things that will be released very soon that will continue on throughout 2018 and still keep going throughout 2019.

Then it will stop!


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