Well I touched upon the N.H.S with the last post and this one going a bit further with them and they are now the focus of this post.

So Jeremy Hunt, another without his own mind .. I am sure they are a hive mind in the Conservative Party, was planning to set up these health group .. things, called ACOs or something?

But a bunch of people, Stephen Hawking included, decided that these were so plan to stealthily privatise the N.H.S at a later date by encouraging private companies to bid for the ability to provide services.

I did not look into deeply but then they decided to take Jeremy Hunt and NHS England to court so would I really need to?! It is Stephen, bloody, Hawking for the love of God?!

So we have the Tory government’s current state of a complete mess that is the DWP not only listed as inadequate, by their own admission recently too, and referred to as a ‘Human Catastrophe’ by the EU?!

A shame that the EU did not step into the frame earlier? Maybe the vote might have gone differently? Oh well.

Now you have the NHS which has endured many shocking revelations in the media and its worst yet to come now being taken to court?!

If that is a not a mess that is only destined to get worse then I am afraid that I simply do not know what could be listed as a mess?

My last of my three main targets have not escaped of late either and there have been several reports regarding local councils getting up to shady things too.

This is not only a damned script that seems to be going to keep on writing itself throughout the entirety of 2018 after the last few revelations but I know of several confirmed inbound revelations too that themselves will play out between this coming month, tomorrow, of February and will continue to do so into next year of 2019.

I have stated previously that I would not like to be Theresa May right now and for that matter, no one anywhere near her, but .. yeah there was a reason and in all honesty I would not want to be Theresa May throughout the rest of 2018 and throughout 2019.

I feel pretty confident right now that this will be something talked about in the history books of the future.

Well I think it is safe to say that around a year from now we can start saving some real taxpayers money and start to wave bye-bye to the real vampires of British Society that take a lot of money while doing very little and they intend to do very little too..



I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: NHS plans: Privatisation or progress? –


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