I’ve been hearing and seeing this story for weeks now.

A whole bunch of rape cases falling apart at the seams!

A whole bunch of upcoming cases are now going to be looked at and a Judge has .. demanded something .. maybe a meeting with the Crown Prosecution Service? Damn short term memory loss!

So the Police and/or CPS have screwed up a load of rape cases and I’m wondering what else they have screwed up?!

Well .. I can tell you now I’ve been indirectly involved in two cases, one domestic violence case and one involving what started out as attempted murder but became a full on murder case three days or so later when the victim died in hospital.

They screwed up one of those cases which the court hearing has now been placed in the public domain.

I don’t know if they screwed up the other but .. they certainly made a calamitous error .. that was nothing short of astounding.

It’s not quite over for the Police as .. they .. very recently lied about a cases evidence. They also got it very wrong just like these rape cases.

The British Justice system is not going to look good either.

We were told that two things were going to come from the case .. one didn’t even come close and the other .. doesn’t appear to be the case.

That’s about as far as I go on ride details other than to say that the is more to it .. a catalogue of stuff to be honest.

I’ve been talking to someone here in London I’ve not really spoken to much in the last few years. I have been surprised to hear what he now says about this country. It more or less mirrors what most other British people say, even those I’ve spoken to that are 250 miles apart with very different accents ..

This country is finished.

I don’t like to think like that nor be that negative or resigned.

In fact I’ve been a little more positive about things than I have in a long, long time. Some of that is down to getting in top of some of my mistakes which I am whittling down now to the last few. But I have to confess that some of it is down to a certain person. Not without a little suffering, I might add.

But .. sometimes .. once in awhile .. revelations can come with a few .. perks. This might be, or it looks to be, the case very soon. Possibly?

Think of it like reversing back to where you started. Possibilities exist that could end up being even better than how it was at the beginning. For any beginnings that took place within the last year of 2017.

I could very well be visiting those places I wanted to visit so very much with my camera gear?!

The Peak District, Scotland and Snowdonia could well be visited before very long?!

Time will tell but most of all I hope to close the mouths to some very negative people back here in London. Ooh it would be great just to be able to do that. This alone would put a smile on my face. Seeing a particular someone too would likely have a certain part of me .. melt!

This time there is no lengthy wait that goes on for a couple of years.

This time it will be obvious what is going to happen within a week or two and .. the perks and shutting people up once and for all in two to four weeks?

Fingers bloody well crossed!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: All current rape cases to be ‘urgently’ reviewed over disclosure fears –


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