This .. I simply don’t believe!

Nick Knowles, TV presenter, has been accused of cruelty by his wife who claims to have photographic evidence?

At least that is what is being reported by the Daily Mail.

His name is one that turns stomachs among my family members. Even one brother refused to read the headline and said “I don’t want to know about anything to do with him” but then said “Oh!” when I informed him about the accusations.

Oh-oh-oh I must share that story with friends and family members?!

Right, done that.

To my surprise Jessica, Knowles’s soon to be ex-wife, has trouble paying for legal fees to fight him.

That is a shock to me I have to admit. He has been accused of refusing to pay for the the private schooling of his own son. He had also been accused or refusing to provide a home.

There seem to be other things in the accusations to.

This is really strange. It would appear that I am going into a period where everyone that has done anything bad to my family, possibly me too, is going to pay in ways that they cannot even begin to imagine?! Lol, I still have some waiting to do but .. it certainly appears that way to me and for the next month it is going to be .. no, seem very bizarre to me. It has been a long time coming, that is for certain.

They, the BBC, and Nick Knowles embarrassed my father on TV, though they later realised their mistake, and he was dead within a year of that. Five hundred (yeah, 500) people at his funeral all blamed the BBC for his death. It certainly did not help.

In the meantime .. I have to wonder why I have not been contacted on Facebook? Yeah .. Facebook has become a possible line of communication. Did not expect that and did not think it was. Yeah .. I did check actually. Lol.

Maybe things are not how they have been .. portrayed? Lol, that would be somewhat sad and .. cause something of a heart breakage. I cannot recall the last time I felt like that .. or like this, for that matter.



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