When I started this blog the one thing I realised early on is that Google do not respond to you until you have started to receive money from them, or after your first ever payment.

I found this aloof God-complex like attitude to be somewhat annoyingly rude. Combined millions of people, tens of millions of people and maybe hundreds of millions of people were all making Google money. But they remained aloof, quiet and .. quite unapproachable.

As I reported recently I noticed to my very dear cost that in a year where I was very busy and had my short term memory problems, do not forget, that my first payment threshold simply remained tantalisingly out of reach.

One night about a month ago I noticed that my adverts were missing. I then realised that they must have been missing for a whole year or more?! This would explain why the threshold was never reached!

So I used the feedback utility on Google’s Adsense screen to point out my missing ads and ask as to why as they did not even have the courtesy to tell me they had done it nor the reasons as to why.

As I stated .. they never get back to you ..

.. they got back to me!

As it turns out they had indeed been removing my adverts and this made me really angry as this failure to pay contributed to problems of late that cost me dearly.

It also turns out that they linked a post .. wait, let me check .. right a post from the 29th December 2016! So yeah .. over a year now!

They stated there might be others!

It also turns out that this was for one of two reasons ..

A particular scandal to do with pizzas and very short garden doors that I gave my views about at the time, which I had wondered might get me into trouble as it had others, or .. when I checked the labels, or tags, might have been a typo over something as simple as a COMMA in the wrong place?! I kid you not!

Anyway .. I decided not to delete the ten posts or so that contained this subject and instead corrected the comma and the *****gate word from the labels/tags.

I clicked on the button to state that the matter had been resolved and then went to place a test advert on this blog .. but it still was not coming up.

So I do not know currently if .. this is something that simply takes twenty four hours or I am banned for some unknown period of time?

I sent them another feedback message, complained about them being vague, said if it was to do with mention in the main body of the blog that they need to bloody well provide a search word function for this and said I hope it was not over the comma typo and that I only ever give me views over stories reported by others.

I also mentioned that I do indeed have a solicitor handling something else and that they had better get back to me as I would hate to have to converse with her over this .. all because they were too aloof and lazy to send me an email notification!

The fact that they responded seems to tell me a few things too ..

It would appear that in the year since they removed the ads and very possibly because of a post I did recently that has raced above 2,000 viewers in just a few weeks that the checked and suddenly deemed me noteworthy enough and popular enough to answer my queries despite having not received anything from them in the way of money?

Interesting .. annoying but at the same time .. interesting.


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