Yeah well it’s the government really isn’t it.

There is being Conservative and then there is being evil, lacking any compassion whatsoever and beyond cruel.

So it meant a great deal to me to read that someone that had been sanctioned for a whole year had won a case against the DWP.

However .. I’m more shocked that the DWP actually carried out this particular threat.

I only found out about this rule after I had arrived in Birkenhead and only when I’d worked out I had to claim Universal Credit and got to the Job Centre for my initial visit. I had already lost several weeks money by then and then told I lose another week, as all new claimants do.

That’s doesn’t include the NEA and Working Tax Credit payments along with Carers money I was supposed to receive but never got a cent of.

Instead I lost around £6,000 that the DWP and Wirral Council contributed to. Good God, I hate that council with a passion! Have done for 25 years roughly and partly responsible for my bloody life. Well, along with the NHS and DWP.

Oh look? I end up mentioning the ‘evil trinity’ once again.

Despite the number of areas and councils in the UK you can usually find the evil trinity in operation somewhere.

The one thing you cannot escape from is all of them as the DWP operate everywhere .. unfortunately.

The council’s and NHS are broken down into areas and trusts respectively. I can’t imagine you can escape the lies and refusals of the NHS, mind you. Maybe in rare cases?

I’m also shocked that the report states that the housing benefit was stopped as I was told by the Job Centre in Price Street, Birkenhead that they cannot touch your rent payments. Nice .. so you have a roof over your head while you either starve to death or freeze to death. See? The Tories do have compassion!

I am sort of facing a similar problem .. though I am lucky enough to have a solicitor .. who I hope can help with my situation?

I’m undecided presently about so many things and that includes where I am going to live off I ever get into a position to be able to choose somewhere to live.

I’ve also been out with my camera ..

Though if I’m honest and as much as this was great and a relief to do .. it was cold the first time .. and tiring .. then what started out as sunny and feeling mild turned cold and rained!

Videos very slowly uploading .. unable to process photographs, as I knew it would be.

Someone tried to talk to me about 7 or 8pm last night .. I mumbled a response.

I was dead .. I had overdone it and the lack of car while trying to do a couple of visits to areas with wildlife caught up with me.

I awoke at 3am, that was the very next thing I was aware of.

I withdraw have typed this out then but the battery on my phone was out.

I’d have used the laptop but if I move it to my position the WiFi signal sometimes cuts completely. It’s uploading a few videos of Teal and Gadwall Ducks along with a Grebe and if it cuts the YouTube upload will freeze and refuse to restart.

I can’t post this until I’ve corrected the formatting on my laptop .. which I can’t do until the uploads have completed.

Oh and I didn’t get photos or videos of the damn Firecrests I’m told are there. Got a glimpse of one though.

Good God I was buggered last night!


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