OK this one kind of has me .. stumped .. shocked .. disgusted and all manner of other things besides.

According to the report by The Telegraph tabloid in the link below the NHS crisis has caused 1,000 care homes to close down which house somewhere in the region of 30,000 pensioners?!

That is what I typed and it is correct as far as the report below is concerned ..

30,000 pensioners .. that is thirty thousand pensioners?!

I am sure I have fallen asleep and am dreaming or .. perhaps woken up in an episode of The Twilight Zone?!

My bloody word, where did they all go? Or perhaps the correct question is where are they going to go?!

So then? Aren’t the care homes all funded by the local councils in which case and with 1,000 care home closures being reported now .. how many local councils are involved and on the verge of collapse? How many more are going to be added to this list throughout the rest of this year of 2018?

Of course this was something that was started by the Tory government that was in power years ago, setting something up that was unsustainable over a long period of time and the most hated Tory leader of all time, Margaret Thatcher.

Of course that plan was Poll Tax but as is so often the tricks with politicians of British government .. they tell everyone they are going to introduce something really and extremely cruel only to then dial it back and get what they really want and get away with it without too much trouble. Everyone goes quiet pleased it is not as bad as the rumours or first announcement.

It was .. never going to work in the long run. Nothing ever introduced is ever tested to see what happens in the event of a financial crisis and a bad one at that. But then when these things happen there is a bloody good chance that it wont happen until those morons that introduce these things have long since retired.

As always no accountability.

I wonder if that is what all the cameras are for ever five effing miles up the M1 and M6 motorways and all of the cameras and reduced speed limits I have now noticed within London itself?

Tricking motorists into more stealth taxes, along with ridiculous emissions taxes, to pay for care homes? To pay for the NHS? Or just to pay for salaries because no one has any effing money to pay council tax bills?

The Telegraph ..


The Guardian ..



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