Let’s get this one out of the way to start with ..

.. I still have a damned cough. One that only yesterday someone said I should get it looked at and .. well, yeah. It should.

But I’ve been in hospital the times with this Australian flu and I’ve been in A GP Surgery twice. Nothing. No offer of a flu jab.

Right now .. I technically have no GP either, which I didn’t think about at the time.

The cat that’s out of the bag is that I’m currently in London. I have been for several days and my car is back too and currently sort of in the process of registering it to sell it.

It managed to come all the way back to London without so much of a hiccup.

So it would seem my anxiety caused me to panic.

But it didn’t do that alone .. it had a lot of help from many different public services, though I loathe to call them that.

Some of the failures were down to, in varying degrees, the NHS for not making me realise what my anxiety would do to me.

Most failures are down to the DWP for taking my disability, or Personal Independent Payments away from me. For lying and going back on an agreement about being self employed, New Enterprise Allowance agreement and payments and Working Tax Credits.

Even if your a dumb arse amoral twat .. you don’t agree to something for 13 weeks and then pull the rug from under people. That’s not helping people .. that’s tricking people by way of lying.

Lastly the blame goes out to Wirral Council, Victim Support and the Family Support people who I very literally have trouble seeing the point of .. at all. Same goes for the Independent Review Officer. I not only was not receiving money from the former mentioned public services I was paying money out because of the latter public services.

I .. loathe calling them public services.

At the end of the day I was trying to do their jobs for them and then because of them .. could not.

Oops .. accidentally published this ..

Umm EDIT!!

I am also back here with a package for my solicitor.

I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to sign some these form too?

Now I have a barrage of other things I need to have sorted out or need advice on before I move forward. I don’t even know if moving forward is possible.

It’s a mess, I’m not going to lie and all that time I had that damn flu too.

I had to return at the worst possible time but .. well some things just didn’t make sense to me.

Oh I could say I heard this and another person said that but it won’t make any difference.

I came back in a hurry due to the very real possibility that someone could scratch or destroy my car. I was told to be careful.

I was already bad with anxiety and then at the very last I get some work .. warnings along with anger so I thought it best to just be somewhere else for the time being.

I was accused of some silly stuff too .. but it’s hard to just shrug some things off and call others merely ‘silly’ in the situation I was in. If this had all occurred within a fifty mile radius of London no problems would have occurred. But they didn’t and they did.

Since being here I’m being told different things by different people as per usual.

I also had a bizarre tyre failure by one of the top of road tyres you can buy and two tyres losing half their pressure and then bizarrely staying up.

Tyres don’t lose pressure and then stay up for weeks.

I’m willing to bet everything I have the same thing happened to the brand new Pirelli tyre that failed?

Then there was that focus and warning I received regarding the exact same car.

If I’d had a cheap £500 or £1,000 car I would have just ignored it all. But I don’t have a cheap car!

Since being back here I’ve had to do two more journeys and I was .. very anxious about it.

I’m worried now that I might have my driver’s licence taken away, being declared unfit for driving.

When it’s only me that suffers when things are like this.

Plus .. being back here I don’t have to drive and I know the transport system .. will outside of those situations were in momentarily don’t know where I am out where this bus or road ends up.

I’m far from out of the woods just yet .. though my solicitor is meant to be getting in touch and of and when we meet everything could change. In an instant. Possibly. Hopefully.

I panic about it but every now and then I tell myself that I’m back five days earlier than I originally thought I would be.

Oddly the registering of the car looks as if it will take place the same day it originally was .. Monday.

There’s also an element of guilt being here .. well a few elements of guilt. No eight elements of guilt. Well you get the idea.

My afternoons seem to be improving but I just get things done .. though I wonder if there is any point to it all?

This fear of the unknown in my case is torturous and .. stupid, admittedly.

My solicitor said she would be in contact today but wasn’t. Had a tough or urgent things going on, as she put it, and would get back to me today.

I didn’t think she would. God only knows what’s going on over there .. I hope it’s nothing serious.

I also pray that eventually they will be able to help .. because the situation is somewhat .. impossible.

Despite being happy with the house I lived in for ten years and the new turf I spent a few weeks laying, trust me it’s not a big garden, they were happy. Nor happy enough to forward a reference or my deposit though.

Shame then that I can prove I lived there for ten years! Bad tenants don’t live in properties for ten whole years and especially when I can prove that it was my decision to leave.

Some people just don’t think things through.

Ooh that’s something I missed from my report .. also it’s the first of two deposits that are owed to me. Though the second technically isn’t owed to me until the end of the tenancy.

I don’t have to think about that right now at any rate!

During the period that I typed this my old GP practice called me and .. rather biazarrely kicked me off their register .. lol. Go figure .. could not wait to get rid of me .. despite the fact that I told them I did not know whether I was going back or not and had no GP ..

My medical records are going into limbo .. or some central crap until otherwise called for .. by my solicitor as I pointed out.

Odd ..

Never happened before .. it is like they have been officially sealed and stored away somewhere safe from prying eyes.


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