Hmm ..

I have four things to achieve.

Well .. there are some other things to achieve to but mainly there are four things .. though technically one of those jobs is then down to someone else. Or more accurately turns over to the responsibility of someone else.

A very early story I ran on this blog now turns out not to be the case.

I ended up looking the fool over it and .. well it was something I did not expect. Nothing I can do about it and I was not there. I only relayed what I was told .. I simply was not anything like close enough to see things for myself.

I have thought long and hard about it and .. the whole thing I have seen as some sort of punishment and I think that continued on?

Yeesh .. for someone that loves to stick to the facts this was something that was well and truly wrong. It might seem easy for me to say that this was not a misleading story that I have concocted as I was not involved.

I also believe that something else was involved and it involved some rope where knots get tied?

Still that was then and this is now and it is time to move on.

To start with I have these four things .. and some questions.

Crap! I have been shown some things and it is later than I thought it was!

Almost as if on queue de to one or both changes .. my flu is losing its grip .. having just a lighter cough and not keeping me up all night. Well .. not last night .. or waking me up every twenty minutes or so.

Either that or I was being poisoned .. lol. Less stress .. better sleep, less exertion and maybe other things?

Two things that are quite unusual have happened in the last twenty four hours .. first off .. I noticed that a recent post of mine is rocketing. I really do mean rocketing and has grown faster than all posts around it by about 900%!

Secondly I received a comment on YouTube and .. someone noticed that my blood pressure readings were not good. Particularly mentioning my heart rate being fast .. well sometimes as it is all over the place in all honesty.

So someone noticed something important and showed some concern. Wow that was a first.

Secondly .. a post I published has just rocketed skywards .. first off when I noticed it posts around this particular one had attracted numbers of between 12 and around 30. But this one had attracted 798 visitors.

In fact right now with the posts immediately prior and post this particular blog, ‘The Slow Death’, the numbers now read ’18, 960, 19′. Bizarre!

I simply do not know what it is. I have looked at the tags for this post, sorry ‘labels’, and I have no idea what it is that has caused so much attention to be drawn to that post?!

Maybe I was ill or completely out of it and it is being used across universities or schools on how not to write .. or just how not to write a blog post?! LMAO!

At the rate it has gone up, 200 in a few hours, it would not surprise me at this stage if the visitors had tipped over 1,000 by the time this post gets published?

To give some .. perspective .. I have searched back to find a post with three figures and I had to go all the way back to .. hmm .. to the 18th October 2017. A little while after I contracted that dreaded Aussie Flu. Nearly three months ago. You have not herd the funniest part ..

I said it was three figures in the visitors but it is only 103! Three months and 103 visitors.

Eight days and now it is 961 visitors!

Except .. I have not posted this yet so could still tip over the 1,000 mark by the time I post this and .. well .. it is kind of posted on another site!

So a little period is over and from now on things will be kept strictly .. political and .. scientific ..w with maybe some other things thrown in.

I will also be working hard to .. return to something else I was dearly loving and enjoying while hoping I do not receive any bad news along the way.

I was sure that this would not be bad news but you never know. Was not going to be good news but was sure it would not be bad news. Well not the worst news.

I suppose that I could just drop dead before the return to doing what I love takes place? You never know hat life is going to throw at you at a moments notice.


Oh an overnight break there.

I should not be feeling anxiety but I still am.

I am currently staying elsewhere but I now seem to have lost other things .. too?! I have to relocate my car .. then re-register it and then sell it.

I currently am also nowhere near the GP I am registered with and I am getting these little lectures about what I should be doing .. which is no good because I have a list of things I have to try and keep track of. Unfortunately now that I am here people seem to have gone into sleep or slow mode .. like because I am here they need not have any concerns any more. Well to be honest I thought that but .. the mornings are bad still and I cannot find my Diazepam right now.

In fact I am being told to sort my things out which I have been doing and secondly .. am not here very long so .. seems to bit odd to sort out my things in any order and place them away in this area I have.

Sell the car, sell the car, sell the car. That will be a big headache out of the way.

Hear from or phone and get to the solicitors .. that is the second things I need to do.

What I cannot make someone understand is there not only needs to be an order to things and that I have a bad memory but that the anxiety makes things worse. Start telling me what I should be doing next, sorting things is not going to get my anything nor anywhere, and I will get more anxiety and so the memory will get worse and I may forget to do the important things.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I was OK but then I ended up talking to someone I have not spoken to in awhile and who was quiet. So I thought that was it and I would feel better .. but no!

I thought that being in this location I would feel better and I kind of do but not as good as I thought I would. It looks alien because it looks very busy here .. but I kind of suspected it would. But being away as long as I have it looks weird, well from within a car that is.

Oh Jesus .. it just seems never ending.

Oh and then there is the GP issue .. I never even thought about that one.


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