That is what I was going to call this post ..

.. I have certainly seen why people tend to boot go to authorities or are even scared of them to here.

Paramedics turned up at my home today and as I went to answer the door I found a package I had been waiting for .. judging by the size .. I think it is from my solicitor back in London. I am hoping that there is a form to sign but I might have to send off the whole thing?! Looks big and heavy .. not going to be cheap.

I am hoping that this is the file from the DWP and that there is just a single form I need to sign and return to my solicitor in Camden? If so I will do this Monday now .. doubt I will be seeing my GP now .. in fact despite having two, yeah it is not many I know, but I have not met my actual GP. I bloody hate it when GP Surgeries do that!

So I got dragged to Arrowe Park Hospital when I did not want to go.

I was told that I would be dealt with there and that I could get various help from the mental health, or Psyche Team.

I was visited by a nice blond lady, the a non-local gentleman and then an extended wait for what I was told would be a number of people but turned out to be just one.

I was told twice that I would be listed as a vulnerable person. That things would be put in place to stop me being conned for any more money (their words not mine) and that I would get help getting money from Social Services to get some cash back to help me.

Except .. despite being told this twice .. the team of people that ended up just one guy said something completely different, actually defended the social services and even said “I do not know what things are like where you come from but here .. if you spend your money helping someone else that is down to you! I do not know what you expect us or them to do?!”

I was .. taken aback.

I never once asked for anyone to pay back everything I had spent. Which is around £7,000 plus, more likely than minus. Some of that is tied up in this flat I never needed .. I could have rented a bloody garage for a tenth of what I paid for this flat I never lived in .. until now which will only be a week and it will be living hell while I do so.

I felt like I had fallen into some sort of trap .. 

Especially when I explained my Fibromyalgia and its short term memory issues and he said “I am familiar with Fibromyalgia and I know nothing about memory issues with it” to which I said “Well I assure you that there is ..” forgetting its name of Fibrofog “.. and it is something that they are finding more about all the time!” I mean it is a fucking syndrome!

The immediate bedside manner was also a but weird and harsh.

What I got at the end of the day was nothing I had been promised, wished I had recorded the whole thing .. see just when you trust them you regret it, and some of the same Diazepam .. no being taken to some mental health safe house, no being kept overnight, which I did not want to do anyway. And none of the things that the paramedics and first woman promised.

Though when I told him what I had been promised he blamed it entirely on ‘111’, seems to be to be designed as an excuse now, except it was not just the paramedics but also the lady before him that said the same stuff. His excuse was that ‘111’ were basically idiots, a waste of time and that he had seen nothing like it. I told him that I told them that I did not even want to be brought to hospital! He then shook his head, as if realising that I was not there intentionally to waste there time. When the reality was that they were not only wasting my time but caused me more anxiety as I was left for three hours stabbing a pen into myself, had to get cash out of a machine to get home, costing £6.60 and I then paid for £10 on a Three Mobile voucher only to get back to the flat and not have it on me!

Thanks a lot once again NHS and it seems no matter where you go they are absolute shit.

He clearly knew nothing about Fibromyalgia but insisted he did ..

.. his name on his tag looked like Toby Tobin which looked and sounded odd.

If I had known that all I was going to get was bloody Diazepam I would have waited and gone to the GP on Monday!

Oh .. one other thing .. he gave me  lecture of ‘fight or flight mode’ which I tried to tell him I already knew about .. added to this .. this is a prime thing for Fibromyalgia. He might have been saying that but did not actually mention the connection. If he was then he should have realised that what had happened is that I was in fight mode when I came up here and that I should not have done and that someone should have pointed this out to me.

When all this started over a year ago, with my solicitor, I am sure that any remarks I made about NHS corruption and lies were met with disbelief and raised eyebrows? I am sure they were.

I am hoping and praying that in the year or so that has passed, think it is fourteen months, that not only has stuff come out to back up what I said in both the media and other cases they have handled but that more will.

I am not sure how long the process will now take once I return this stuff but I hope it is only a month?! I doubt it but one can only hope.

I would not have to sell my car if this occurred but I am resigned to selling it now and there will be a waiting time while that happens for the logbook to come back .. then more waiting while it is up for sale.

So next time you have some arrows .. make damn sure they are straight before you use them

That was honestly worse than any experience I have had in a hospital in the south ..

.. but then the NHS here is listed as inadequate and just about everyone has complained to me here about the state of the NHS and even the 111 service.

Even the Paramedics wouldn’t come in the door and close it behind them and acted like frightened rabbits, even though there were two of them.

I remember one lady coming to see me back in Enfield in her own and in a car. I thought this was wrong to send people out on their own! But she had no issues at all with coming in and running a battery of tests on me and I even published the results on here.


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