I did think I would be offline for abut a week .. but that has not started yet.

Tired because of an Autistic child refuses to go to sleep until after midnight and I am alone so have to be awake until she is asleep.

Well now?

A 94 year old war veteran that says some pretty interesting as well as very nice things that I am partially relieved to hear .. or rather read.

Unfortunately .. it will take a lot more to relieve me and I am working on that .. I have emailed some organisations as I feel like a fish out of water, confused .. panicky .. having anxiety attacks and now having to move around an area I do not know, Wirral, when I used to get confused due to memory problems 250 miles away at my last home and known to me all my life, Enfield, Essex and East Hertfordshire.

In fact the mother of the daughter I currently live with close to I actually met in Hertford, though she is from the Wirral.

My anxiety is at incredible levels.

Self harming worse than I did last time, thank you so much Tory government!

I had hoped to generate my own help via three different methods ..

  • Patreon Account for me
  • GoFundMe Crowd Funding account, for my daughter as I am almost out of savings, they have annoyingly suspended again for a second reason I cannot fathom and have emailed them asking for an explanation and ..
  • JustGiving account for my daughter again because GoFundMe is blood annoying
Other methods are ..
  • Google Adsense advertising via blogs but they vanished a year ago .. no reasons given

But this war veteran?

How about these quotes from the Evolve Politics link below ..

If I were Prime Minster I would table a bill making it illegal for politicians and former politicians to be awarded because when the pavements of Britain are littered with homeless citizens, you were derelict in your duty to humanity. – Harry Leslie Smith via Twitter

And this comment on his statements by Evolve Politics ..

94 year old WWII Veteran and Twitter legend Harry Leslie Smith has just gone and absolutely nailed the glaringly unjust nature of Britain’s elitist honours system. – Evolve Politics


My great grandfather, one Reginald Kirlew, was a test pilot for Avro and the RAF and died test piloting the Avro Manchester .. they then gave up and the Avro Lancaster was born .. I often wonder what he would make of the country he died for if he could communicate with us?


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