Jesus .. I feel .. strange.

This was after feeling really bad this morning and the Doctors called and asked me to go in within the hour.

I was feeling crap and the surgery not far so I walked .. or hobbled to be precise. Not that bad though because I don’t do much walking. Not regularly anyway so it’s easier when I do.

I was in begging mode .. didn’t see the same Doctor as last time. This one was reserved. He seemed like an OK guy though.

He didn’t seem to think I had the flu and thought it might be something else? Probably because of the amount of time I have had it?

I got some more Diazepam and he prescribed Venlafaxine, which was weird because Venlafaxine was prescribed some years ago but don’t remember it doing much, other than done rotten withdrawal symptoms I had never had before on any other pill. Or maybe I have but didn’t link them at the time or just can’t remember?

Came back to the house and my ex was here, of forgotten that she was coming. Some deep cleaning was going on .. well a little.

She said she couldn’t understand how bad it gets here and I said that is impossible. You can’t keep anything tidy anywhere. Only for about thirty minutes and it looks the same.

I had a little trouble sorting out my pills before taking them. My ex didn’t want me to do much, obviously realising or told I was at the Doctors.

She wanted me to go to the tip though but .. I’d just passed on driving due to hire I felt and had to hospital appointments within two hours.

It was kinda cold … that miserable type cold temperature where it’s just low enough to be bothersome.

At the hospital I had to concentrate hard because I wanted to pass out the whole time.

When I was being scanned I thought I was going to pass out??

Anyway had the monitor fitted, told what button to press in the event of an episode.

But upon returning I feel asleep. That’s not like me to fall asleep during the day. But lack of sleep and over half a dozen pills probably had an effect on me.

The worry now is .. shifting a lot of things about which is imminent and now told there’s a time limit.

Bit awkward timing really, what with three appointments imminent.

I found out that more people closer to home are reading my blog which I did no expect nor have I had it happened in the past. Before I moved here that is.

The problem came from the posting to Facebook, which was going through my Twitter feed and have now turned off.


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