My daughter got a phone-call tonight.

This was a it weird as most people she knew had been at the house at some point, her two step-brothers, mother and grandmother as I explained in a recent post. Her two friends, a couple, tha normally come once a week for a bit of a drink and the lady I like next door.

I thought it was a phone-call from a certain prison inmate .. again?

The lady next door is kind of nice .. no, really nice to my mind. She seems and sounds intelligent and is as cute as hell.

But .. she has had some rotten luck. Really .. rotten luck.

Well the other night she asked my daughter in for a drink. In fcat it had been a tough day for my daughter and may have been the day after her mother let her down with looking after just one child. The most problematic child, granted, but just the one child nevertheless.

There are three more children and two of them are problematic and one is heading for puberty. It was another example of the grandmother attempting to play something down and after failing to cope for even a whole night, returning the child on or just prior to midnight, she then went on a lecture within two days about how to control these children.

One does not need much controlling .. though he is rapidly heading for puberty. Yeah .. that does not bear thinking about what with the other three. Puberty is a bit of a lottery really .. you never quite know what I is your going to get.

He has always been a quiet kid and oh my God I have just seen the bloody time! I thought it was bout 10am and I have just had needy-boy calling out for mum because he wants a drink because his mouth is dry?! Yeah it is a lie he copies form his mother ho says it because she gets a dry mouth and is a result of her Fibromyalgia. Even I have to put up with a mouth full of tap water on occasion.

My daughter said she would be an hour but was back after about five or ten minutes and said ..

“Dad, you will never believe what she just asked me?! ‘Hey, is your Dad single by any chance?”

Almost bizarrely when she was there the other night she was making wavoes about the authorities, said that Sophie was being neglected ad treated like shit and was going to go down there and give them hell. My daughter simply said “My God, you sound like my Dad!”


I am putting Family Guy and American Dad on and carrying on with this one tomorrow!

Oh dear!

Boxing Day morning starts with an awkward question .. which came from something that was .. very embarrassing and then something that made us bloody angry.

Yeah so our heads are spinning.

I also have to be careful what I say. Lol.

First off it would seem that my daughter read my blog post yesterday .. or rather someone else did while she listened.

I was asked if I was going back to London in January?!


I was told to answer honestly but that is what I always do, despite what early readers might think with some of the claims I have made.

Oh I have had to stop three times for children already. Was going to try and continue this tonight to begin with .. but after clearing up .. picking some baked in .. umm .. something, paint or play-doh out of the carpet, throwing some stuff away and a vacuum there was a bit of a lull. Silly me and now someone is screaming about something and I have had to hit play on a portable DVD player that has Frozen playing.

As far as the claims I have made .. I am afraid that over the next few weeks your going to find out the hard way that I am always right and as always it will be at out expense, though more specifically my expense if it goes the way I think it will.

It starts of by stating that we have spies in our midst .. and not the sort of spies that I was embroiled with in the past nor the ones that wanted to speak to me regarding employment. Different kinds of spies.

This came about when we had a Christmas Tree in our window described to us and I tried to play it down by stating that Christmas Trees were generally green, white or silver with a few exceptions.

Seven times I have now stopped .. make that eight though two of those were for an adult. Now I have older one hovering around for things he should have kept track of. But then this is an exceptional house with more than one exceptional child.

Yeah so I had to explain myself and my fears ..

It seems I am doing a bit more than just the job of a rusty third wheel .. but the I am not sure about the wheels themselves.

Something to work on.

So that explained why she was a little quiet. Also she did not get in the house until around 7am to 8am and so not had a great deal of sleep.

Then as I explained myself and we started to talk about things it turned out that she had seen my very recent blog post while she was with someone. Someone I had recently referred to as ‘cute’. Yeah my face must have been a picture when I found out that she had read that too! Ooh boy! Lol.

But that was not the ‘coup de grace’ so to speak. Though there is nothing merciful about this.

A phone-call was received outside of the room I am now sitting in and my daughter came in and looked .. well, pissed!

She went off on one, dropped her phone on the floor .. said basically I was right about allegations I made about all the public services and them being incompetent, liars and despite how they speak in the news media do not give a flying feck about the general public .. only their careers.

Something that needs to change .. seriously fast if the are to prevent a revolution from taking place down the line!

The phone-call came from prison .. and a cocky domestic abuser .. ooh wait .. domestic abuser .. yes so .. he phoned from prison with .. an unusually cocky attitude. After all the times we have reported him calling us and the way that he talks as if nothing has changed .. like he will get out of prison and come straight back here and carry on where he left off. Bit of trouble what with me standing in the way. But then I was convinced this would never happen. ‘A Historical Court Case’ they called it with follow ups like ‘He will spend ten years in prison’ and ‘ then get deported’.

In his cocky attitude .. which was different he then calmly stated that the Police were dropping some of the charges as there was not enough evidence before stating “I told you I would win!”

Of course the mother was not able to be reached on the phone as per usual and was supposed to take some stuff over to the new house today .. but bailed, promising to do it first thing tomorrow and .. not much of a reaction to the phone-call an claim other than stating “It was probably bullshit just to scare you?” But even I know this unheard of cocky attitude meant something .. I was also asked by one of his compatriots the other day when and where we were moving?! That is the second time I have been asked that by the same man since I have been here.

It seems I am destined to put this particular community on the face of the nationwide news media map .. except they are as corrupt as they come so .. who knows?

My daughter started packing .. cleaning to which I then started helping and in her panic decided to pack every single Christmas decoration away .. 11 days early!

So among many things needy-boy got a Nintendo DS to keep him quiet, which is hard to do, the older autistic girl got a neat gift of a cheap DVD portable player and Frozen to keep her quiet which unfortunately many of these toys made the youngest one .. louder. Because of Frozen mostly. Except the older autistic girl has this habit of pressing buttons. Even when she has on what she wants on TV and has no idea what 99% of the buttons do on the TV or DVD remote .. she ends up pressing them and turning off that which she wanted and then complains about it. Head scartching stuff I am .. just mind-boggled at.

I told my daughter after watching her switch off the portable DVD three times in thirty minutes “Do you realise she has not watched Frozen all the way through once on that? Probably not even half way through without turning it off?” and she gave me a look and just nodded.

Not serving the purpose for which it was intended. Focus.

Yesterday a friend who was visiting walked into the living room and despite having seen this before and heard it before he said “You know your fridge door is wide open?!” Yeah .. that happens several times a day. All four of them but at least the older one closes the door.

Needy-boy was also sick and by that I mean … throwing up .. and he looked at me and I said “You know what that is? Far too many sweats I am afraid and that is what happens” to which he then started crying. He vomited into a bag for a bit and five minutes later was asking for food?!

Don’t know about anyone else but if I am sick to the point of throwing up .. I cannot go anywhere near food for at least 12 hours and anywhere up to 24!

Remember this is Boxing Day morning! MORNING!

Thank you Police .. thank you local councils .. and thank you DWP! There are probably some others worth mentioning ..ooh the NHS of course.

One of the worst cases of endangerment, harassment, health issues which includes several cases of disability you can possibly imagine. It also has the potential to end very badly .. and prison for someone that wont deserve it, me, and very possibly fatal to several people including children.

Did I mention it was Boxing Day morning?!

So .. an awkward conversation from a scared daughter that thought I might desert her and my surprise that she might see it as me deserting her.

As I stated to her .. there was no way that I would go anywhere at all until I knew she was OK and the kids too in every way. Health wise, threats and everything else.

I also told her that this was only though fear, as my plans to help her, the children and support myself so that I could remain here were .. not going according to plan.

Then there is the fact that I am tired a great deal of the time and that familiarity is all that it comes down to. But that it is annoying because London is nothing like the pace it used to be years ago but that .. I feel like there is little there for me anyway. But that it is the areas that I am familiar with and that I know where as here and being alone now I really do not know the area. With my short term memory issues I will take a long time too. Unless I had someone to drive me around for a change that is.

I did reassure her but stating that on the contact sites I am on I do not look at anyone in London and only in this area .. well up to around 70 miles of where I am now seated. Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester but I mainy go for Cheshire and North Wales.

I should have held out for a countryside setting. That I would find a lot easier .. fewer people around and not near Birkenhead Town Centre so much. Only because of scars that an ex left with me.

I did also say that I had thought there might be a chance I might meet someone up here that would make things .. easier for me. Little did I know how much I would need that as things turned out to be worse than I expected and .. appear to be getting worse.

I am used to being on my own but here it is .. different. Only because of all of the failed public services that have made life for several of others, and tens if not hundreds of thousands of others .. a living nightmare.

Hmm I just recalled .. I did think about looking for local .. clubs to join, like Astronomy, wildlife, Orchids and the like. All the sciences I am into.

However .. being on my own a very long time makes .. not being on my own a little bit tricky but .. at least I am getting in some serious training here.

But as I told my daughter previously and will again tonight .. if I found someone who was nice, honest, sincere, intelligent and that wants to know and learn about things and had similar interests and even wanted to come out on my photo shoots, if I ever get to go on them .. then this would be like a dream come true I NEVER thought I would EVER realise or experience.

I often think that I would be lucky to be alive ten years from now. So not sure just how long any possible happiness would last.

Never really had much of any happiness in all honesty .. from devious ex-girlfriends to ones that were almost perfect apart from attacking me regularly.

In fact here is a but of a funny tale to go with the girlfriend who liked attacking me..

Her nephews and niece .. plus her sister see me as the one that got away and are still on my Facebook friends list today . Now with children of their own! They do not have much, if anything, to do with my former girlfriend. Turns out my daughter always thought I was calling her .. stopped by a phone-call, Korean. What I referred to her as is ‘The Career Girl’. She made me do a search and it seems like she is a company director now. Does not surprise me. I just hope she did not have any kids as she was somewhat .. heavy handed and violent. God help anyone working below her but then .. maybe she changed?

Oddly for about a day or two I thought she and a friend of my daughter’s had the same name but it turns out they are slightly different.

Also it seems that much of my blog has been gone through and my YouTube channels, including some old embarrassing ones I had planned to delete when the numbers built up and am now regretting.

My beard keeps getting unintentionally long but maybe it can save me from any blushes?

Yeah .. ahem .. I am at a disadvantage now. A funny one but an embarrassing one, lol.

Still .. now I also have a dangerous one too and suddenly .. oops .. stopped for a few hours .. friends and now a night out, not for me though, lol.

Oh and needy-boy has just ran in and said “My Nintendo DS has ran out” which might have something to do with the fact that he was running around with a friend of his, visiting friend’s daughter, and not actually playing it while leaving it switched on when he did not even let it recharge fully earlier .. oh well .. thought it was just Autistic children that had no concept of time? The one that is three and Autistic along with the other at two lack this concept. But this one is five and not Autistic. I have to wonder whether some things are rubbing off on is younger siblings or .. he is just five and that is what they do?

I would like to think that going back to school things will ease of for me but the issue is that they all do not go to school yet. One only in nursery and even then not every day. She does not like it either and plays up something terrible when she figures out where we are going. At least she is the only one.

Next year she goes to pre-school but even then its only for a couple of hours in the morning. But .. at least then the older one is in full tie school. That means that by then my days will be free to do as I wish. With a camera with any luck!

Ooh now I am imagining what it would be like to have a partner that comes with me on camera shoots, happy to sit there in a spot for between one and four hours fascinated by wildlife and/or landscapes.

Ooh now that embarrassing and up and coming moment? Well that should be .. interesting .. also .. need to kind of .. tidy myself up just a tad and not for the damned hospital tomorrow .. they can go and spin!

Ooh .. would be nice to have a new text buddy and someone that I can actually talk to that is not over two hundred miles away?!


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