As I stated before I do not like plastering children’s faces on the Internet.

However here is that family of mine in need of help over ..

  • Victims of Domestic Abuse and an Historical Court Case taking place in January 2018
  • Two of four Children more or less diagnosed with Autism .. several tests .. paediatrician left who take an inordinate amount of time for some reason
  • Discovery of mother having my disability of Fibromyalgia that sadly ad oddly ..
  • Has no less than THREE Cancer scares to get through
  • No or very little help from almost all authorities
    • Health Visitor OK
    • Social Worker OK but overworked and fails to turn up I believe at her bosses requests .. or tricks
    • Victim Support full of it
    • Family Support Worker turned up once .. seems OK not sure about his understanding of those involved
    • Police incompetent as per usual
    • Independent Review Officer (IRO) always going crazy about no one turning up (except health visitor) for something like eight children at-risk meetings .. keeps escalating complaint against Wirral Council but that is all that ever happens and fails herself to turn up once
    • Everyone fails to turn up save the health visitor who is by far the most regular attendee
  • I am here to help because I knew they would do very little
  • Did not expect to be here for three months and get no help myself either .. after ..
  • Being screwed up the rear by DWP over my disability and starting my own business with the help of Job Centre and their NEA at the thirteenth hour



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