Did I hear things correctly?

Did the BBC do a piece regarding homeless people?

I do not .. believe it!

Hmm did I not do a piece recently about some poor homeless people that died of the cold? Horse gone, stable door closed a little but still ajar.

Never fear though, Theresa May is doing something about it in or by 2020 so .. we wont have many more years of people dying in the freezing cold before it gets sorted.

It wont get sorted though.

We will wait two whole years and just like Brexit we will have no idea what will happen and whatever it will be will probably be .. not good?!

Oh my God .. Members of Parliament are stating this too?!

It states that there are 9,000 rough sleepers and 78,000 families in temporary accommodation?! No mention of families that are homeless. I saw a documentary about this ten years ago and I cannot see it being any better today seven years into a financial crisis like nothing we have seen and getting worse by the week.

They are calling it a ‘national crisis’ which I thought it ha been for years anyway but ore interestingly are the accusations of being .. ‘unacceptably complacent’ towards the government.

Umm .. they are seeing what everyone else is seeing with the bastardisation of the welfare state?

Oh, wait? No .. they have totally ignored this other then the little stint in the House of Commons calling for the rollout of Universal Credit to be paused until fixed.

Not going to happen and would take several years to fix it .. no .. more than that as it was conceived about ten years ago.

I saw it as sensible at the time except .. I could not shake the feeling it was an excuse to screw the poor and vulnerable and I did not know they would roll all of the benefits into one, change Disability Living Allowance into Personal Independent Payments without the word ‘Disability’ used any longer and even then .. change their minds yet again and roll that into Universal Credit too?!

My prediction that they were going to stealthily remove obligation to help the disabled by removing the word from the benefit that replaced it as only a first step turned out to be correct.

Quite how it took everyone else so long to work this out I have no idea.

Now how the mainstream news media, who lets face it despite all the accolades awarded, are crap!

In some areas one in twenty five are homeless?!

More than 250,000 homeless in the UK and I bet that is not even close. How can you keep track of that and .. well let u ask the difficult question .. how many die each year because they are homeless and either because of exposure or not getting the right medical treatment for medical conditions?!


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