So the NHS’ workforce is at ‘crunch point’ .. again?!

This is a report by the General Medical Council so not sure I’d trust it if I were you?

I had a run in with them a few years back where not only did they not help at all, asking with the PHSO who barefaced lied, but actually helped a GP Surgery back in Enfield who I had reported as lying to me, along with Chase Farm Hospital.

It’s hard to explain how you feel when you actually catch someone lying to you. Many know this .. can hurt .. a lot.

But when it’s the one person in the world you think you can trust and themselves sworn an oath to protect you and heal you .. it’s a shock in a way that’s hard to describe.

Then it gets worse when they suggest your a liar or when they doesn’t .. that tour suffering with a mental health problem and are suddenly offered the psychiatrists you had trouble seeing years earlier for a different problem, that doesn’t have you imagining things.

The hilarious part about it, well now that is, is that the psychiatrist I’d seen earlier had confirmed her own suspicions that sine very bizarre things were going on between the government, the DWP and the NHS.

She explained how all mental health patients had suddenly been cut loose and that no one had informed anyone in her clinic.

She also said that I’m not a mental health patients like her others and didn’t need to keep going back there!

I was later listed as having a Generalised Anxiety Disorder that I of course later found out was not strictly true and that the Fibromyalgia I’d had that was causing me several pains in me feet was responsible.

The damning post was that I’d suffered with Fibromyalgia for like twenty years already and it had been missed.

What was even more damning was that it was missed for another five years until I self diagnosed it .. discovered it was behind dozens of other symptoms I’d been to Doctors and Hospitals for and even then .. they tried very, very hard to avoid a diagnosis.

Except they had already been prescribing me two unrelated drugs that both have positive effects on it. Proving to me on my mind that they had already known what it was for at least two years.

So what did the General Medical Council do?

Told my then GP that if he spoke to me on that way again i’d knock his teeth out. Except and as I told them .. I had absolutely no plans on ever returning. Despite the fact I as now convinced that more than 75% of Doctors lie .. I was still not going back to one that I had caught lying.

Oh did I mention the part where the GP refused to listen to the recorded proof that they had lied?!

That is just one recording of many of the NHS lying. GMC wasn’t interested in that.

They had not factored in my blog though and since then I keep seeing them piping up and stating things .. far too late and after the proverbial horse had bolted. As is usual work all these bodies.

I thought about calling this post ‘The Toilet Post’ because it is where I was where I could actually get some peace to think and type. The following one did not get that!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: NHS workforce ‘at crunch point’ –


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