I really do no believe this one!

After what was in effect one hell of a terrible murder .. a local Police Force and a Local Council have been accused of .. wait for it .. institutionalised racism?!

Did I read that correctly?

More is a surprise is that this is somewhere I once lived, albeit briefly but I did live there and while I was it was the one place that I never came into contact with either the Police Force, that I recall, or the Local Council.

That area is Bristol!

I simply ave trouble believing that any local council could be accused of racism .. let along being found guilty of it and along with that having the local Police force being found guilty of the same?!


Only eclipsed by the news that a man who was an Iranian immigrant was murdered by being killed by a neighbour who then set his body on fire.

But was wrong, stupid and cruel as it was what else did anyone expect when lots of immigrants have been let in without being properly vetted, well you can’t really can you?

Added to this is the fact that many of these scum-bags have set up paedophile rings that have made it into the news and destroyed people’s lives. I know because I am linked to one, they made a film about another one near by, called 7 Girls or something, that appeared on TV.

None of that helps the victim of this horrendous murder, a man called Bijan Ebrahimi.

When are dumb-arses going to get it into their head that they cannot go around acting like judge, jury and executioner?

Well unless it turns out to be a vast majority of the country in any given revolution.

The government get a lot of things wrong and this is a prime example of that. The far left are to blame here too .. constantly hammering into us that everyone is wonderful when this is simply not true. What happens is when they have gotten this wrong and it appears to a large enough portion of the native public that they have gotten this wrong .. you inevitably get incidents like this one.

What is in danger of happening is that no one will believe anything the government or the ‘lefties; will tell them and they will go back to being known and the ‘Even Loonier Left’ and never get a chance to prove their claims about being truly fair in the United Kingdom, right Mr Corbyn? Oh no, wait? He has not figured out how he fecked himself over the last election. Well at least I have seen no evidence of this.

What he did he screwed himself over and I called it the moment he did it and .. well he did and he is not Prime Minister today because of it.

He wont be Prime Minister tomorrow because of it either .. unless he says not only the right things but the only thing that is right in all this to be seen as truly being fair.


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