Well as if it was a surprise ..

.. well a surprise that it has finally come out I suppose?

It is always obvious, or at least should be, that within corrupt organisations and even the public services, that backhanders and ‘sweeteners’ are used.

If something was run properly you do not need anything like that, if run fairly you do not need anything like that.

Years go you used to have those TV programmes where they used to go around catching people who were heating the system, making out that they had some severe disability when they did not. All seemed normal.

I did wonder why there had to be so many different benefits and so many different departments and always thought that was inefficient and a waste of the taxpayers money.

However .. putting everything into just one single benefit system? Utter madness!

So it is revealed the both senior and junior staff are rewarded with performance bonuses within the DWP?

So is that filing things faster?

Maybe it is typing letters out faster?

Not spending so long on the bog or toilet?

Nah .. everyone bloody well knows what it is all for and now let us see if anyone asks the right questions?

Your taking the public’s taxes .. you do not have the right to then go and defraud people and do as you wish.

Those actions are no different to tyrants in my opinion .. they are just being very shady and sneaky about doing it.


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