Well here is one that is long overdue.

The World Health Organisation has declared that Marijuana has no public health risks?!

Well I know it is not that bad and I have stated this for many years but .. I am not sure I would have gone that far in my statement .. if I was them.

Yeah .. it has been helping me on and off for years but .. not at this moment, not for several days and in all honesty though I did go through a week of using it late late at night .. it first helped and then made things worse. A lot worse.

I always say to people that it is government and very likely religious groups, or the nutty and fanatical ones, that have kept it fro being used.

But take heed ..

If you suffer with anxiety there is more or less a 50/50 chance of that anxiety your trying to cure with it being ramped up to ’11’.

I also found that I would get stronger feelings of anxiety as I woke up in the mornings too!

But ..

This is down to a Cannabidiol drug already present in your brain. If you have a lower than average amount then the anxiety will be helped according to a report I read. But if the amount is normal or above average .. it is going to make it worse.

So I must have had a normal or over abundant amount of it .. which is effing typical because it helps me in so many ways it is not true.

But in the thing it is needed for the most it does not. So unless I can get rid of this anxiety and get back to normal, which means that I first need the DWP to leave me the feck alone and give me back what they took from me or .. I start to feel t home around a place I hardly know. In the case of the latter this could take years .. or never happen at all. It all rather depends. In short I simply have no idea.

It is not just the places, the landmarks and the roads but it is down to people too. I simply do not know enough people .. or at least enough of the right people. But I can work on that in the Spring and the Summer.

But then there is also this niggling worry that I will be the sole carer to four children at some point in the future and one I try not to think about. But you cannot shut these things out entirely. The human brain just does not work that way. If it did I would not have half the problems that I am currently dogged with.

Unfortunately for the UK government, probably the USA and others too, this was the start of the deep distrust between their public and themselves.

Oh they continued on insisting it was not safe and many naive people believed them. I still know one and I told him it would be good for his Glaucoma after I read a report about it and he insisted he would never use it.

HE blames it for the son he has who is scatter brained. He leaves street doors open when there is no one in the house and it is a miracle he has never been burgled.

I now have to WhatsApp this to him.

Another odd thing that comes up I am having trouble believing but that we could end up trying out right here within a matter of weeks is being a Vegan curing cancer?!

Ugh .. just looked for a link to this and it is in the Daily Mail .. hmm I must go and read the comments on that one!

Always remember .. I am always about the facts and the right answers to problems .. not what is politically correct or what some religious nut-job group wants or what some tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist wants to believe ..

World Health Organisation Declares Marijuana Safe ..

Being Vegan Curing Cancer?

Someone Arguing That It Does Not ..

And Someone Claiming That Veganism Cured His Cancer ..


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