Jesus Christ!

Here is something I thought I would never .. EVER witness in the UK.

There is an ITV News report linked below that states that schools have been washing children’s clothes and charging their mobile phones for them .. because despite handing out no money we are all expected to pull smart phones and laptops out of our arses!

But that was not the most shocking thing ..

.. that was a sharp rise in cases of children with Rickets?!


I have not heard of this condition mentioned since I was at school when one black school kid had it and it was explained to me that Afro-Caribbean people suffered from it due to the lack of sunlight, or its weakness in the UK. One case. Nearly 40 years ago. That was it!

But here I am watching a news piece by ITV about kids in Morecombe, of all places, having cases of Rickets rising up.

This is from malnutrition.

I simply do not believe it and .. well if they can continue on with this then there must be a fuck load of things the government are not telling us ..

.. while still tossing obscene amounts of our taxes around to other countries as if it was confetti?!

This was the second part of a two part piece and it involves two schools in Lancashire according to their website?


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