OK this is a .. weird one.

I’ve been thinking about this all evening and .. well .. I’m not sure I’m going to finish this without looking up more links.

I watched a documentary on Netflix and I was taken aback at what I was seeing and hearing.

It sounded like something from a book about the Illuminati?!

Say whatever you want regarding theories on the Illuminati. I can’t say anything simply because I don’t know.

But the claims made over the years regarding their sordid escapades not only doesn’t seem that far fetched but stranger things have been uncovered.

In fact it might be fair to state that the strangest thing about the Illuminati is their name. Except any group of people that night exist .. well would come up for something very like it when calling themselves something.

Unfortunately any existence of any such group will not be made up of anyone good, that’s for sure. Because of there did exist anyone good within a secretive organisation, with that kind of money and influence .. a lot more of the criminals and sickos would have been caught a lot earlier.

Hmm maybe I should start a similar group? A group of do-gooders that only act to bring about justice?

I digress.

What I heard was that there may well be a cure for cancer?!

Like an episode of Family Guy there’s a claim that Cyanide from Apricot kernels fight cancer cells.

Now of note is that in the court argument by the large health organisations they claimed there was no evidence of cancer cells being reduced.

Well that turns out to be reported over and over again as not being true?!

I kid you not.

It is also reported that despite cyanide being a poison potentially fatal to humans and does kill cells across the spectrum .. it attacks cancer cells more than normal cells.

It’s a if this cyanide has a particular dislike to cancer cells? Which I am finding fascinating and in eager to find out if their exists further evidence to support this.

There’s certainly plenty of people and websites talking about it and incidents of people using the kernels on themselves too!

I’ve even read that there is evidence that Apricot kernels have been used for hundreds as well as thousands of years?

Bizarre! Simply bizarre. If true.

If true also potentially very damaging and will certainly do a lot in the long run.

Also those without £20,000 per year to layout for Herceptin are obviously going to give this a go. I know I would were my circumstances different.

Now a break before I look up more on my laptop tomorrow..

.. and then there is another site, based in Canada, debunking it.

I think what we have here is a lot of suspicions based on the way the big drug companies act, how much money they make and a lot of government and drug company conspiracy theories you here about .. kind of meeting in the middles and muddying the waters.

That is where it gets difficult.

Even a scene from Family Guy jokes about Carter Pewderschmidt hiding a cure for cancer from the world so that the drug companies keep making billions.

This is one of the major problems of the western world slowly bought on by the mainstream media and their business experts in particular. It long ago become offensive to hear about the many billions each company makes. It almost seems like an endless list of them.

Yet so many people are in financial difficulties and this number has been growing for years now and I have no idea when it will end. Very likely, never.

The part that needs to be determined in all this is does cyanide have more of an effect on cancer sells that normal healthy cells and can this be capitalised on?

Though I also that too many nut-jobs think anything to do with nature is safe and look at nature through rose-tinted spectacles. I have stated it over and over again .. yes .. it may look beautiful and natural to us but nature is a war zone no matter where you are. In some places this is very obvious but in others are not.

Take a walk in the Serengeti and it would soon become obvious that nature is a dangerous pace for us because of Lions, African Hunting Dogs, Hyenas, Hippos and Crocodiles. Because they are big and they are all capable of killing and/or eating us.

Take a stroll in a forest in England and there is little danger and so seems serene and peaceful as you listen to the birds singing. What people fail to realise is that they are predators that would home in on the bird-song and kill and eat the birds. Like Sparrowhawks. But they do not attack us so it is all peaceful and serene. If all Sparrowhawks spawned into Pteradactyls overnight that walk in the forest would become very different.

Even the plants are battling each other for space, light and nutrients.

And the page suggesting the debunking .. the Montreal Gazette ..


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