Well this is a funny one .. local one too.

Well .. local to where I now live.

There is an old market square in Birkenhead’s Town Centre which is a shadow of its former self. I used to come here over twenty years ago on a fairly regular basis for around three and a half years.

Came up here twenty years ago and it had changed and not in a good way .. those locals I had known from here even admitted that to me.

Another ten years and it is worse still. The stories I am hearing beg belief, the things linked to me or that I am tagged in beg belief also.

That market is more or less empty, especially the interior section of the market.

Just a few days ago we walked past several stalls and all seemed fine .. the stalls there looked no different to those I had seen years earlier.

However I had heard there were plans to do something with the site, or I assumed they were speaking of that whole shopping precinct. I asked how in the world they were going to do that with the financial climate the way that it was. They said they wondered he same thing.

Then tonight I get tagged in a story on Facebook on the Wirral Echo page and it seems there has been a raid. Claims of counterfeit goods of the Premier League and Disney stuff from a stall and closed it down. Yet the stall has been there for “years and bloody years” as one put it to me.

So why the sudden noticing now of a stall selling counterfeit stuff, though I think ‘counterfeit’ might be stretching it a bit in this instance. ‘Counterfeit’ implies exact copies of things, not the bad use of characters and logos.

Of course I read the line I have heard over and over again for many bloody years in situations like this ..

The supply of counterfeit goods can also be linked to serious, organised crime and the funding of illegal operations. This is not a victimless crime.

Yeah .. because all the actors for Disney and Premier League footballers and the club owners are having to beg in the streets and sleep on park benches.

Some guy printing t-shorts and pictures in his shed somewhere a few miles away is connected to serious organised crime.

Fuck me .. it does not say a lot about the Police now does it. How many times have they been called incompetent by various local councils right around the UK? I mean .. sitting right there with thousands of people walking past this stall for fucking years .. a big crime syndicate right out i the open in broad daylight? Merseyside Police must be more thick than I gave them credit for?!

What people are already saying is that this is a land grab, pure and simple.

I can guarantee that over the next week I am going to hear a hell of a lot of conspiracy theories ..


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