Well I have to say .. yet again ..

They are always managing to surprise me, every single last one of them. All the public services leaving aside the Ambulance Service and the Fire Service.

This time it is once again the NHS .. but this time it has something of a little twist to it.

Another NHS Trust only ..

This one is the King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust?!

Saaaay whaaaat?!

OK .. that one is a shocker!

Well the only thing that could have surprised me as much as that is .. Guy’s Hospital or St Thomas’ Hospital being involved. A hospital, the former not the latter, that I was involved with and had a letter from the omitted a lot of things that were said and done at the actual hospital appointment.

But . this was not the first time. Nor the second, third, fourth of fifth.

At this rate we are going to have veritable mountains of corpses of public services gone rotten, corrupt or just plain failing dying a slow death or dead already.

I could never say I was surprised at this as I first suspected it over then years ago. I then spent several years realising it was pretty much everywhere. My own research was over 6 GP Surgeries and the same amount of hospitals with the same result 100% of the time. Even though it was unlikely to remain at 100% of a countrywide investigation was done it would not drop by a great deal, that I would bet on.

But even of this was to drop to 50% the reality would be one that we would spend decades trying to live down. Or at least the politicians and their puppeteers would with the latter wondering just how many people were no investigating to try and find out who they are and expose them.

All the time only giving a crap about themselves and not a jot to what they have done to Great Britain and a large portion of it’s people, that who for me .. are what makes Great Britain, Great Britain.

Except the previously halo has no slipped down to a point where it physically rests on one shoulder and is in danger of falling off altogether!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Major NHS trust put in special measures –


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