Undertakers must be tossing in their sleep?

I thought I would add just one more post regarding the treatment of disabled people by the government and those who are effectively their .. henchmen.

Now what I am going to tell you I kind of knew previously .. except the figures, I believe currently any way, have gone up since then.

Now you have to consider what it is that they are doing to the most vulnerable in society, which are those with disabilities.

They have been trying to kick them off Disability Living Allowance and still doing this since they bought in what was originally intended as its replacement, Personal Independent Payments, which is not going to be around for very long anyway. Because it is to be ‘absorbed’ for want of a better word, into Universal Credit and this was by 2020. Whether this date means everywhere at once or the last of the places to lose PIP I do not know.

So what do you do when you want to stop supporting and paying people with life changing disabilities where getting to your local shop can be a challenge and causes you to stop and thinking your about to have a heart attack.

I know because that is me and that is just something that has bothered e the last year ro 18 months ad does not include everything else. Pain from walking, pain from standing still, different pain fro descending stairs, aches, pains, tiredness (well it is a kind of sleep disorder), insomnia, bad anxiety and short term memory loss among many other things. That is just mine. God know what others suffer with.

I have been on DLA .. had it cancelled .. appealed and lost and not knowing what it was that affected me at the time.

When I later found out and had it diagnosed I then reapplied for PIP, got turned down, told them I know that they lie and had recordings .. they rang me up reversing the decision and then .. 18 months later cancelled it again. For not turning up for an assessment I have NEVER turned up for. Because they deliberately made them far away up to 30 to 50 miles when they had one a mile away from my house they failed to mention. I lost the appeal for the argument for not travelling 50 miles, because I travelled 6 miles on empty buses to a hospital appointment for an ECG over black-outs and grey-outs. Had head MRI too but the judge, Miss Mark, did not give a flying fuck about that just as I did not give a flying fuck about her three failed attempts to call me a liar that then stayed of the decision paperwork.

Yeah so what do you do to make everyone’s lives a misery so that you can save a bit of money?

What you do is you take two firms and you pay them half a billion pounds in a single year!

Except .. that figure was over £100 million some years ago and .. there are four today when years ago there was only one .. Atos .. who we were told I the news media they were getting rid of three or four years back. The news media has not, however, gone back to the government to ask why they are still there?!

Even Nick DeBois MP, Tory, for Enfield North told me to my face that the found out what Atos were up to and got rid of them. This was not true of course and I told him he was looking at one of the people responsible for getting rid of them due to the evidence I had published and the lies on their letters I had published with the video proof they had lied. I also told him that I was asked my Michael Meacher MP if he cold use my data in the House of Commons to attack Iain Duncan-Smith and send things to the news media.

Of course I had the odd story like mine appear in the news media but after Michael Meacher’s email to me this increased .. a lot. I regularly had disbelieving friends and family mention that they had just seen or heard something in the news that was a carbon copy of something I had covered. Many times months or years beforehand.

Yeah .. I always suspected the news media to be honest.

In fact I had suspected many for well over ten years. I moved to Enfield in 2007 and had long since suspected most of them including the mainstream news media. Including those that are now trying to steal the phrase ‘fake news’ as their own. God how utterly slimey can you get?!

So .. half a billion pounds to just half of the companies in just a single year?!

What will the bill be next year?

What I find utterly funny is how they keep on employing these people, not just the usual thoughts of what kind of rock they lifted up to find people like this.

Here is the late Michael Meacher MP’s talk in the House of Commons about the DWP, Atos and disabled people. I have never listened to it, sorry. Lol.

Now when it comes to the Atos and Capita scandal .. I am not sure of this link to where I heard about it, will work …

Oh .. it is reported in The Mirror .. boy, what has gotten into them? ..


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