Well that was strange ..

I have a couple of links that have been posted up on the ‘Stop Universal Credit’ Facebook page ..

As you can see from the web address it was kind of intended for people on the Wirral but has been attracting people from other parts of the UK. There was someone from Mansfield I believe.

This was set up by the target of my two crowd funding accounts, two was not intended as I said .. just that one got suspended and asked me some bizarre questions, which was GoFundMe, while the other was set up, Just Giving and UK based, because I doubted they would allow the GoFundMe one. Though from some stories I read I cannot blame them for being a little .. edgy.

Also and because I have not done this before .. I assume that GoFundMe is based in America so that may have a detrimental effect on any crowd funding. I m not sure how people are but if it is all Americans that see the GoFundMe accounts may be they might be suspicious or less caring about some family from across the pond? I dunno .. but it did occur to me that it is a possibility.

So when I was looking at alternatives and see that JustGiving is based in a land I love, Cornwall, I thought ‘hell, just set it up’!

Here is a bizarre comment previously made by the lady who is a Tory MP that cried over Frank Field’s accounts of people on Universal Credit. This is Evolve Politics website once again ..

I’ve said that from the beginning. It’s outrageous really that somebody who stands up to protect the poor and the vulnerable should not be a Conservative. That is utterly, utterly ridiculous. We can be economically disciplined but care for people as well.

Also on the page it states about how many people had died just from the Tories and their austerity measures but as the infamous line from George Osborne states .. “We are all in this together” I would like to see the list of people who are rich or wealthy who have died because of austerity.

The number is quoted at 120,000 though I am sure it is higher than that.

With that in mind it is then even more confusing when you then read a story in The Mirror .. or on their webpage .. that the firms that run the Tory government’s disability tests employ so few actual Doctors, a fact I have been reporting for several years, that you could fit them in a Mini?!

Bearing in mind it is not just Atos doing this any longer. As I stated previously .. they were not content with all the people that Atos helped kick off or killed .. they went and created/employed three more organisations. Maximus, Capita and another with a long winded name.

I have had several Doctors and specialists tell me that the DWP should not have come anywhere near me with my medical records. One A&E Doctor at North Middlesex Hospital answered when I asked him if he was sure he said “Mr Haswell .. I am looking at your medical records right now [gestured with his head towards his screen] and they should not have taken your disability away!” before the saying “I really do not know what is going on with this country and its public services!”

That was a Doctor Bolat.

That was also before all the chest/heart issues started playing up. Oddly I did used to wonder if this continuous stress would have a negative effect on me.

Odd too is that no one seems to mention that it is illegal to do things that cause your condition to worsen. But then maybe like the sanctions hey changed the law on that one too?

It is difficult to believe how things are and an old friend of mine who passed away from kidney cancer who see himself as a socialist would simply not believe what has been going on the last five years.

He knew I had a disability but it took me so long he never found out what it was called .. neither did my father .. or my grandmother .. or my Uncle who all died in the time I was trying to figure out what it was. Turned out two of the three in my family definitely had it. Unfortunately for me they were both terrified of Doctors and Hospitals and one was not even registered with one. In fact many that worked with one or just knew him thought he was a hypochondriac .. though he did not whine complain or admit himself to hospital as a hypochondriac would.

Now I know differently. But I had to discover it!

We thought just then we was about to get the tests of the biopsy as we had a missed call from the surgery but it turns out that it was just about the second scan for the second lump and to remind us it was next week.

So next week we have results to one biopsy which has had the health professionals looking quite concerned, had us in and out of Doctor surgeries five times and things being said that are worrying, like “There will be treatments available”. Then a scan on another lump that we will have to wit two weeks for and I am assured was spotted previously and subsequently ignored.

We are not sure at the present time what they intend to do about the third lump which is in their stomach.

This is without everything else that is going on right now .. it just simply an unbelievable situation and the treatment of us will likely not change whatever the results of the tests judging by everything I keep reading.


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