Well this is another black mark for the Tories and their evil plans and the stealth like schemes .. plus for their Puppeteers who must be uncovered at all costs.

Thousands of disability tests are branded as ‘unacceptable’ by the governments very own quality control scheme?

I never thought I would ever read that or that the government even had a quality control scheme?! I want to know where in the hell these quality control people have been for the last eight years and is it only because of Frank Field’s valiant efforts and some crocodile tears that they have now come out and stated something?!

Who knows.

Atos and Capita have never even met their target once, according to the DWP’s current quality control scheme for Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Bombshell new figures say neither Atos nor Capita – the outsourcing giants paid more than £500m to assess people for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – are meeting the target of 97% of assessments conforming to standards.

Latest audits show 6.4% of PIP benefit assessments were deemed “unacceptable” in the three months to October 2017.

I would go as far as stating that they are well under for the figure of 6.4% in that last statement from the webpage below. Well, well, WELL below judging from what I have been hearing.

One Type 1 Diabetic I know constantly insisted that Type 1 Diabetics would not nor never be touched by the government and the DWP and insisted that DLA would not go.

Then one day a friend of his with the same condition has him got told he was being transferred over to PIP and had to re-apply all over again. That surprised him. That was around 6 to 8 months ago now.

A few weeks ago another friend of his with the exact same condition but actually missing a leg had his PIP stopped. He got it back on appeal but I could tell from his voice he was now getting a little worried.

A labour voter all his life and after listening to Katie Hopkins in a radio interview recently he stated to me on the phone “You were right. You were right about EVERYTHING!”

What did he do for a living?

Oh he was only a social worker for Camden Council for 25 years!

EDIT: As I stated in a comment in DPAC where I first saw this story ..

.. will it go anywhere though ad will it go far enough?!


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