EDIT: Now turns out that this account is live .. I guess they looked at the links I proved them to both this blog and my YouTube account and realised I was legitimate?

I had some issues with GoFundMe who seem to be unable to read.

I have now had two emails fro them and replied to the last one but I am going to assume that as they seem to be unable to read and have had some history with people abusing their service, like a certain Jenny McDermott , an self proclaimed SJW, for example, that they have become .. trigger happy?

So I have started up a different one as when GoFundMe ask for even more .. stuff I am simply not going to bother.

So I have used Just Giving as they seem to be UK based?

If you did nit read the last one .. this is to do with a young mother, my daughter, with three cancer scares .. four children, two of which are autistic and a historical court case for domestic violence against her ..

.. there is a lot more details but will not go into them here. More on the crowd funding page ..



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