A second case of perfect timing in less than a week.

One was someone that should now better with me that could not understand how you can attend a hospital appointment and they are not quite sure why you are there.

Listed as inadequate and this is in a flurry of Doctor and hospital visits I have never witnessed the likes of on just a couple of weeks. I have know many people who have died and some of those died of cancer and I have never .. EVER seen medical staff move like this!

The latest was a woman on DPAC’s Facebook page that did not really see a problem with any of the public services I am involve with and suggested the problem was me. Lol. Obviously does not read the tabloids or watch the news. Because there has never been anything wrong with the public services anywhere .. EVER?! Oh, wait? No it is anywhere from every other week to every other day.

Not to mention the fact that recently that there as the revelation that lung cancer screenings had been fecked up and now the NHS has contacted all trusts about it.

Like I aid to y daughter .. no mention of how long these mistakes were filed away and then there is the question of how much damage has been done in the interim?

Then early this morning I spotted another news issue and this time involving disabled people, though whether this is a section or not I do not know, and the resigning of Theresa May’s Social Mobility Commission. No less than four of them, would you believe?

It seems nobody wants to end up with these horrible labels they will then have trouble removing and it is interesting that it is moving up the ranks.

They cite the lack of progress towards a fairer Britain as the reasons.

Funny because as far as I can tell it has been heading in the opposite direction for more than ten years.

It is also funny because it has gotten to this .. bizarre stage and yet the mainstream news media has not remarked on any of the stories, well 90% of the time, since this started. In my personal experience this started long, long ago. Well before I moved to Enfield which was in June 2007 and therefore way before the financial crisis started.

In fact when I look back at the start and despite the sheer shock and unison of ‘o’s and ‘no’s coming from the House of Commons when the financial crisis was announced, it was almost like they knew.

They started to attack the helth conditions that not only included people unable to fight back but had likely no one who would understand what they were saying and even support them in fighting back.

Patients with mental health problems.

I feel pretty sure that is where it started and because it was the easiest target for them to go at without repercussions. Legal Aid had also been slowly dismantled years before too so even less of a chance of any comebacks.

Once this was achieved, one Psychiatrist I had spoken to only realised late on they were attacking those with mental health issues, they could then move onto the next group.

The clever plan here is that they might move onto a number of groups before they were rumbled and that even when they did people would point the fingers in all the wrong places. At the time this was the private company appointed as assessors, Atos Healthcare. Now only known as Atos.

I knew the truth but many disability group members did not. They thought that by getting rid of Atos or making the DWP and government aware of what Atos was doing would have them gotten rid off and that very literally over-night. I knew this was all wrong too.

Among those to resign are former cabinet ministers of both the Conservatives and Labour!

I wonder if others might follow?

Well look, for the love of God, at the number of governing bodies, watchdogs, ombudsman and chairites in each and every case. They have done nothing and with little or feeble excuses in each case. These number into the, very literally, many dozens. Even the health service alone has four or five bodies, maybe more? PHSO, PALS, NICE, GMC, CQC and possibly others? There is five and I have been wrapped up to no avail with the first four of those five.

Hear that, dumb-arse woman? I have been involved with four out of five health service watchdogs and they have done nothing. Not even asked for the evidence I claimed that I had.

Yeah .. I have my ways when I am pretty sure I am dealing with an organisation that is basically a con, payig themselves salaries of either the taxpayers money, winds me up the most, or from public donations, winds me up almost as much.

Hmm come to think of it I wonder how many of those donations are made as a tax dodge anyway?

The DWP have at least one, ICE or the Independent Case Examiners but if you are dealing with them, plan to deal with them I strongly urge you to check their email addresses. They run through the DWP’s mail servers .. or through their buildings, in other words. Not really something you could truly call ‘independent’ now, is it? I do not know if there are others. CAB are absolute crap with the DWP .. unless your unable to speak English.

The Local Councils have the LGO. Or Local Government Ombudsman and I am fairly sure there is at least one other body. Oh of course .. Ofsted .. where children are involved. They have listed this council as inadequate sooo where are the others and where is the LGO?

Well all know about the Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Yup a big nada and bullshit from them too!


Disability Rights UK?

Age UK?

The list goes on.

The list goes on.

Then there is the private side to from advertising to energy and on to communications. And even bailiffs. I have had reasons to contact the watchdogs and ombudsman for each of these not to mention many more besides. ZIP!

So will these four resignations within that one commission be followed by more? Will those on the verge of having enough, moral ones that is, then follow suit? Will this be followed by the amoral ones that get too scared that they will be exposed as amoral and before doing so quit to keep up the charade, and assure themselves their next career, all start walking out too?

One can only hope and only time will tell.

Notice how no one within the either the reporting or the discussions about the EU divorce bill has mentioned anything about disability rights? They have not even spoken about human rights, well not about their native people and as I already stated .. nothing on disabled people or even children, for that matter?

It is simply disgusting and the one and only thing that keeps me going, other than four children and a daughter who is constantly feeling ill and/or in pain, is that other people with a high standard of morals and are not naïve or beavering away on their on plans to do something about the injustices with absolutely everyone.

Being secretive towards your own people simply does not pay and in the long run is doomed to failure. Because they never stop at the obviously lies, like things involving the secret services which could be questionable anyway, they start thinking they can lie about the next thing and the next thing and then the thing after that.

Before you know it they are lying half of the time and everyone knows it but somehow accepts it for just the way things are.

They think it is not directly affectig them yet and they still have their jobs soo .. what is the point and as one naïve woman put it to me “It wont ever change” and “You cant change anything!” leading me to ask why in the fuck she bothered even going on the site where people are trying to help each other out? Yeah .. every insists on thinking like that then yes it wont ever change.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I do not like people giving the wrong advice, or that people are naïve and walk around with blinkers on and .. I certainly do not like self-fulfilling prophecies!

So I thought for a couple of years about either creating a website .. the company used was not very good in their design, or a blog. There was also the possibility of a YouTube channel. So I started a blog .. then another blog .. then another blog and I ended up with twelve. I had already technically had a YouTube channel I only ever uploaded the odd video to. So I started to get more filming when and where I could and start slowly adding to that.

I am not an idiot. I did not think I as going to change things over-night.

Though there was the possibility that when the government and its bodes inevitably discovered what I was doing they might change things? They might have done in small ways?

What I was aware of was that to change things in the UK alone I needed as many people being aare of my blog and my recorded data and documents that I could. This would mean that it would at least have to being the millions.

Even with the viewers being in the single figures when it comes to millions there would inevitable me more aware of me because .. well people .. talk. Surely you know that Surely THEY know that?

Whether these millions had to be in a single blog or across everything I was not sure.

I did think that with some of my exposing early on that I might reach a million in a year or two? But this has turned out not to be the case, unless someone is messing with the figures being reported to me?

But I do not nor can not think about these possibilities of someone messing with me because .. I jut have to keep going .. somehow.

My other blog have taken a hit of late through doing the things others seem to be shirking their responsibilities over.

But I am seeing the signs, finally, that this is getting harder and harder for them and with Iain Duncan-Smith resigning that was a first as well as a surprise.

So .. is a barrage of label dodging about to take place?

I have already witnessed a backlash against governing bodies and charities on Facebook and I have been predicting that one for a very, very long time. Before I even started blogging 5.5 years ago and more likely around 13 to 15 years ago.

Oh and my daughter bumped into some people down in the town centre here, told them about her own story and then about me .. seems they want to talk to us. I was given a newspaper and thought .. ‘ooh this seems strangely familiar’ only to have it confirmed when I looked at their website address that they were a far left group. Well I am assuming .. far-left.

Remember what I said about the history of revolutions? Well take a look at their website address …

Even the Financial Time has reported on these Social Mobility Commission resignations but then .. they are bean counters that failed to see the missing beans and .. this involves politics and Theresa May directly and sooo .. means uncertainty and so mean money .. so yeah, once thought about not that surprising, lol ..

Financial Times ..

Sky News ..

Theresa May’s entire social mobility commission have quit because ‘she’s too busy with Brexit to help the poor’


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