Well I simply don’t believe what I’ve been told across this living room!

This one is like that part of Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side Of The Moon when you hear ‘a short, sharp, shock ..’.

I had to ask to be tagged into it, find the tag and then got another shock when I saw the tabloid that ran it. The Daily Mail.

But then I thought about it and realised that this was the kind of thing you would get from a communist government and so not surprising that it was run by this newspaper.

It’s utterly ridiculous though even from a far left government. Except it’s not .. this is real .. had happened and includes none other than Wirral Council where I now find myself living in.

A man .. are you ready for this? Lol.

A man was stopped by some people in plain clothes, assuming they are the council, and was fined .. for throwing away the stones of Cherries he was eating which included, yes they fucking put this, a whole cherry was thrown away.

Now he had refused to pay this so they are taking him to court with threats of criminal charges and a £2,500 fine.

I fucking kid you not!!

If you think this is the first time I have covered Wirral Council’s failures or complaints, think again. In fact Wirral Council is just one of around six local councils I have covered. Though most of the others are in or around London.

Oh yeah and I thought they could only fine you if it was something thrown away that was non-biodegradable?

Bet you will think twice before buying healthy foods to eat while walking along, every again?!



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