Well I thought I would have a little snoop around to see what I can find.

After spending several periods of the day on the Stop Universal Credit Facebook page and speaking to several people and answering questions in between marauding and screaming children, new health scares and .. inept women, or more accurately woman, I wondered what might be .. out there.

The one thing that has annoyed me is that the Conservative Party have consistently talked about the wonders they have single handedly performed. Except they have been doing this for like 7 years, it seems, and that .. I have seen absolutely no evidence of this and the one thing they would .. probably dearly love to stop doing is .. kicking disabled people and mental health sufferers in the teeth and gonads.

After all if you have done wonderful things for people then why are you kicking all of the vulnerable people in the teeth and in the gonads?

If they are only worthy of this sort of treatment then who the fuck have you been helping?!

Those with money?

Funny .. I had money recently and thought I would capitalise on the Conservative’s core principles and start my own business. Only that went tits-up after a bunch of broken promises were followed by a whole bunch of lies before they pulled the proverbial rug from under me.

I fucking hate the Conservatives with a passion! LMAO!

You simply cannot trust anything they say and they do not even stand for the things that they claim to and I cannot think of a single party that would be looked back on with disgust in the history books of the future, a prediction I am always going on about.

Sometimes they say things that make sense to me. Sometimes they make promises I look forward to and yet time and time again they go and disappoint me.

Because of this I have never voted for them and never will. Well .. not unless they were all mostly killed, the toff ones like IDS and co, in some bizarre plane crash and the whole party was rebuilt with all new and down to Earth people. One can only hope, lmao.

SO I found this page I have listed below on a website that researches taxes and in a report a journalist by the name of Richard Murphy state that the Tories annoy him because ..

In 2016 I showed that the Tories have been the biggest borrowers since 1946 – Richard Murphy of

So what the fuck are they doing?

Well other than lying, which the smartest of us are all now accustomed to them doing.

Even the headline states that the Tories created two thirds of the nation’s debt. Even that one surprised me and I thought, if true and it seems an odd thing to lie about or fabricate, I will get even more furious with them than I already am!

I did not even think that was possible! Hating them even ore than I do.

But then I think all of the politicians are just mere .. puppets and what it is I would dearly love to find out is who indeed are the puppeteers?! Yeah there are a lot of claims about who pulls what strings and the best I came up with was provided to me by someone else. That was Serco and I will never forget reading their About US page where the actually boasted about very almost all, if not indeed all, the UK’s public services. Military, Police, NHS, DWP and Local Councils among others with the best part being them claiming to be British owned when they are in actual fact American owned.

I bet as I have been posting about that ‘About Us’ page for the last 3 years that it is either no longer there or reads very differently to what it did when I read it?

So are they the puppeteers or just another line of muppet-puppets?

Another interesting one was that very weird snap-election that backfired in such a way that I have constantly asked myself why in the world they called it in the first instance?

How could you get it so wrong and there must have been an element of doubt so why would you call it if there was an existing element of said doubt?

How about if they called it to bury the Conservative Party expenses? Like in this link below?

With all being said one has to ask how the news networks can be such fools to see one thing and then miss ‘all the heavenly glory’ (Bruce Lee – Enter The Dragon)?

But them I have long suspected the news networks and media in general and just think that thye could not possibly be that blind and naïve and must be part of the plan?

‘Yeah .. run this for days or weeks and we will give you incentives to just ignore this and that while you are running with the other’?

Yeah .. I would call that burying with the aid of the news media.

Hmm another website I came across that might contain some interesting information has a Union Flag with the words ‘Broken Britain’ emblazoned across it.

It did, at least at first, seem like a left-wing website but from what it states about Jeremy Corbyn and are not under the illusion that he will win the next election .. I am not so sure.

Also and down the right side of the webpage are all sorts of links from Asia to children and politics to computing so all manner of things may be waiting to be found via this site.

This particular page seems to be about bribery and corruption in high places?


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