Well after escaping, or at least thought we had, three bullets sent our way by the DWP via their hired but ever more reluctant thugs, the Job Centre, it seems one was waiting for me.

It first thought I had dodged a bullet hat was purely manufactured by the DWP, Job Centre and NEA themselves but they still decided to fire it anyway.

I also first thought that it was not as bad as it could have been before realising that .. yes it is as bad as it can be because they cannot go the ‘whole hog’ on it. At least not at the present time at any rate.

What has happened is that I received a letter, a series actually and see below, when I finally got back to my flat after several days of not being able to get back there.

During this time there was on Doctors visit that went from ten minutes to over an hour because in realising the mother of four had a disability which was responsible for several things that had them stumped they found something .. else. Something that had them concerned to go demand that she has a blood test straight away at a hospital I am now due to go to for another serious illness. One that has me stopping after about 50 yards trying to get to a local store.

This does not include the things that we already know about with both of us .. and there was one other thing. One involved the eyes and one involved the .. stomach region. I am not even sure which of the two the blood test was for the young mother of four children had to have.

As for the children .. yeah there are the good moments. These are, albeit, far to fleeting. Often it feels like your caring for the devil’s spawn and sometimes I get looked at with a face that tells me that someone is almost at their wit’s end. I can fully understand that and oddly this was something I had tried to avoid happening but and once again and thanks to the authorities lack of help, insight and outright care and at just 24 there are four children to deal with. In a house that is far from suitable and neither is the house that is possibly about to be moved into.

The two youngest girls with autism are 2 and 3 years of age so not only is there the communication problem, they do not understand why their mumblings and blubbering of words while having a meltdown, are not understood.

Then there is the switching off or pulling out of electrical sockets when you ever say no to them, which is refusing to give them a whole pack of biscuits to themselves, full multi-pack of crisps, a full mug of juice 75% ends up on the floor or carpet and everything else they lay their eyes on. This has resulted in a considerable extra expense and neither one of us knows how to deal with it. I am almost convinced too that the vast consuming of mountains of crisps is very probably the worst thing on the world?! A slow burning fuel that lasts and lasts and I am sure fuels much of the meltdowns, fights and balling for tens if minutes at the tops of their voices?

Then there is the wetting themselves, the older of the two, when simply being told no. This not only goes on at home but occurs on a daily basis at school. Having been here for 5 or so weeks we actually got a shock the other day when we were told for the first time that she had not wet herself at school. Bearing in mind school is like from 9am until 11am or so, so only two or three hours at a time.

Then there is the things that they do with their excrement that has not only started with one but is rapidly increasing. Now the younger of the two has started to do things too. It makes you want to .. vomit and you often heave uncontrollably. It is something I had personally never heard of an now I am in a home with not one but TWO of them doing it. One still wears a nappy but has taken to digging around inside it.

Unfortunately this seems to stem from their father and a relationship that several years ago I had tried to prevent from happening. Now, it seems, like everything else caused by the lazy grandmother who not only caused but encouraged all this, I am paying for it. As is my daughter, of course.

Odd then that this person had been insisting lately that there was nothing wrong with either of the girls. I lived 250 miles away while she lived 3 miles away and even I could see that there as indeed at least one problem. Well I am sure that I had published posts after first meeting them and then while back in London before actually moving here that three of the children were a problem? You might have to check and see but it turns out that this is certainly the case with two of them. SO I town one day the grandmother and the cause of all this witnessed the older girl having a meltdown, showed a look of shock on her face, turned and walked away. Some help, huh? I have posted about this woman for a very long time now, five years, and explained how she was the instigator in all this and despite being defended by the equally responsible council the council now do not trust her.

After the grandmother walked away and after she eventually returned .. she simply said “Oh .. I did not know it was THAT BAD?! I don’t know how your going to deal with that?!” to which she was then reminded that the younger of the two girls was EXACTLY THE SAME!

I was not there but I dearly would have loved to have been!!

The only thing that she has said since she has been here is .. “How does your Dad feel about me?” in some vain hope that there would be a reconciliation. As I stated to a few friends up here, who do not like her anyway, after everything she had done to first me and the horrors that my first YOUNG teenage daughter and no adult daughter has had to endure .. “No [EFFING] WAY!” Even if she was slim and extraordinarily attractive.

So no .. just to re-emphasise what I have previously stated .. there is no one up here at all and is the sole reason why I am here. All other relatives are scattered to the four winds and not heard from at all, much as I would like to chat to some of them.

Also there was an accusation that money was going missing from a great grandmother’s account and she was dragged in about it to the social services. As per usual she got away with .. it, not going to say ‘murder’ as I do not want to tempt fate here.

So the sole two carers with serious illnesses that could turn fatal at any time to four children, two with autism, one needy, extremely selfish and constantly asking for odd are stealing it leading me to wonder if he has a tapeworm or an eating disorder. To the point that a social worker asked if she could see if there was food in the house as the youngest of the two boys and not a focus of the social worker department, who never turn up half the time at the house or at all for chair meetings, is always telling her is is hungry.

He is also the thinnest of all the children so that tends to suggest to me that an eating disorder is not that which is the issue here.

That’s about all it amounted to .. that and an apology around two years ago at the end of a previous court case with the council.

Or perhaps the best one is having meltdowns in public with members of the public giving you looks like your a bad parent, resulting in my witnessing my daughter tick off people for said looks on occasion.

Added Note: After an initial pause that led to me going to the local shop .. twice and still .. forgetting something some things have occurred.

First off .. the needy boy spent the whole time I was typing this out, from 8am until around 10am, demanding breakfast, crisps and cereals. That was not really worthy of a mention. What was was first of all us discussing that the boy may have some sort of problem or even tapeworm due to the constant demand for food, seeking out food, constantly opening the fridge after dragging a chair from the dining room to get up into the cupboards. Then we discovered that a whole loaf of bread that I bought only yesterday was gone .. completely. Everyone was asked about it but of course we got denials from the two boys. Then we were going to make a couple of cups of tea from the milk I bought yesterday when there was still milk in a previous bottle when I returned with it. There was around two pints, or a little less, of the semi-skimmed milk and my daughter said .. “We can’t have a tea!” I was confused and she held the bottle out to me. I was thinking it cannot possibly have gone off and smelt it and it smelt OK. In fact I realised that it smelt a bit more than OK and said it was .. fine. She then asked me to drink it and so feeling sure of myself I did. “It’s fine. Oh wait .. that is Banana milkshake?!”

He had taken chair into the kitchen, got a hold of the Crusha milkshake and poured a large quantity of it into the remaining milk. Normally godawful in taste and like 90% of other things, except the Coca-Cola drinks oddly enough, it actually tasted .. normal!

A face-palm was what I did next and out I went to retrieve more milk.

This is a constant thing that occurs and I only have to spot a chair in the tiny kitchen and I wonder what it is we have run out of as someone who has been at it without asking and where that all now might be. Being all over the floor in the hallway and the dining room is a fairly common place to find stuff. From bread, toast not eaten, crisps, chocolate milkshake, apple or orange juice or any number or indeed combination of other things are normally lying in wait.

Then as I stated there is the excrement. Which can happen several times in a day.

Then there is the wetting themselves of the older of the two with autism. This occurred three times .. maybe even four, I lose track at times, in the course of a single day. A .. single .. day! That is three sets of clothes than need washing in a single day. One out of three children.

I can keep on going about the absolute nightmare’s of having to do or deal with anything with them and that is without me going into anything that happens collectively.

In fact the needy and annoying boy of leaning over me as I type this, knocking my arm and knocking the laptop causing me to make corrections every few words. Now he is pointing at the keys and asking what each button does. This is after being reprimanded by his mother for being annoying and to stop it or he is going to go to bed earlier than normal.

What is annoying is that he does end up getting his own way and then is in the face of the others teasing them about it .. or teasing them about something he has been given. Try that the other way around and he is louder and higher pitched than a 6 year old girl. Two friends of my daughter are parents to a 6 year old girl and her and needy-boy cannot be in the same room for more than 30 seconds without having a screaming match. Despite the capabilities of your average 6 year old girl needy-boy has her beaten down to constant remarks from the parents of the girl.

  • Your worse than our daughter

  • Your louder than out daughter

  • We hear you more then we do our own daughter

  • Your higher pitched than our 6 year old daughter!

Are just some of the things I hear them state the tree or four times a week they are here, especially on Friday’s when they spend the evenings here. Good .. God, that often ends up being a nightmare.

Just yesterday the older of the two with autism was diving down my pockets for money and I let her do it. This ended up on the floor at some point where needy-boy and the six year old girl picked them up. At one point the girl dropped a coin and the needy-boy picked it up and was gloating that he had more. Then he dropped one and the girl reclaimed it. Oh my God .. the hysterics that followed were not only well overly dramatic but the .. volume! I then explained that he was wrong in claiming that it was his coin and that he had taken it from him. I pointed out that by his own logic that if it is on the floor and HE picks it up that it is his. But suddenly the rules had changed. Now if he drops it and someone picks it up it is still his. This was a logic that I first tried to put to him but would not have it. But now that it suited him .. he wanted to apply it.

So for the next, almost, two hours four adults and an older brother tried to explain this to him but he was not having none of it. Because it did not suit him. That was the other night and not the first time that things like that occurred. Just the one fresh in my mind.

So today he gets fed after a constant two hours of nagging and then .. dropped honey all over the floor as he was fecking around as per unusual. He then started bouncing around the living room like a mad thing and I pointed out that this usual behavioural pattern of his seems to be after he was fed and that I wondered if it was food related. Then my daughter said something odd “I have wondered whether or not he has ADHD?” Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

This was followed by me explaining that out of 12 people that I have met since I have been here .. five have autism, one has a disability, one has a personality disorder of some kind and one is up in the air with the ADHD thing. I have also seen many people who were obviously afflicted by one thing or another since I have been here. Even these others being forgotten about we have a ration of over 50% here. This is not .. right. In any reality.

I stated that I wondered whether there was some truth to things being in the tap-water? I had heard things in the past but had always put them down to the tinfoil hat brigade. Also I used to visit Woodchurch a lot twenty years ago but that things had changed a hell of a lot from around fifteen years ago. Even my daughter’s Nan admitted to e that she could quite not believe how things had gone downhill in the ten years since I used to visit regularly. It appeared the .. same. But just that the people, attitudes and the .. trouble and crimes committed had increased .. vastly.

But with all of that .. I am being kicked in the teeth and therefore my daughter and grandchildren are going to be kicked in the teeth.

I said to my daughter this morning that unless I was able to sort this mess out I the next three months I will have no alternative than to return to London. Because after six months I will not be able to pay my rent any longer .. it is as simple as that!

As have been typing this out I have been feeling anxiety and heart palpitations along with the tightness once again. Which invariably means irregular heart beat as is normally the result when I use my blood pressure monitor .. though I am sitting down and not attempting to get to the local shop?! Oops .. hmm where is that monitor?

If you, the reader, cannot class this as ‘The Evil That Is’ then I dread to think what it is that you would consider ‘evil’.

Bear in mind that these organisations are paid both your tax money as well as receiving donations based purely on the fact they are tasked to help people, not just vulnerable people, sick people, disabled people and children. Also many are paid in donations too sooo …


Maybe people think, well some are being helped so that is OK? Though I would stress that would be ‘appear to be being helped’?

So that is OK, is it?

What sort of percentage is OK with you? 90%? 50%? 25%? 10%?! 100% is the only acceptable ration to me. If they need help and support then they need help and support. Nothing less is acceptable!

Maybe your like those FBI agents i the helicopter during the Nakatomi Plaza take over by terrorists in the Bruce Willis starred film, Die Hard? You know the part where they talk about the possible civilian casualties in a nonchalant fashion and one says “I reckon about 25%?” and the other says “I can live with that!” before yelling “Yeehawwww, thi is like ‘nam!”

If so then .. sad. Very, very sad.

After all is their motto not “We never leave one of our own behind!”?


Oh dear .. bought my daughter a can of Fanta Lemon and that was a mistake …

  • Mum, I want your drink, Mum I want your drink, Mum I want your drink and so on and so forth
  • Mumble: I wnnn drnk I wnn drink! NO!! I WNN a DRNKK WAHHHHHHH-WAHHHHHH!! From the third oldest.
  • Wah-Wah-WAAAHHHHH! From the youngest

Dental treatment is easier than this! Ooh that reminds me!


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