Well my daughter went and started something!

Then I ended up helping and now the two of us kind of run .. something.

A Facebook page and one to do with Universal Credit. It was only intended for the local area as I had two families panicking they will have no money over Christmas.

Turned out to be not .. quite .. all bad. Well not right now. One is not having their benefit touched at all, well once they called her in for a fraud interview today and she was told everything that had gone on, sat opened mouthed and then said “Don’t worry. You have a lot going on and your benefits wont be touched until 2022”

Odd .. as not only did I understand that it was all going to be finished by 2020, only Universal Credit for everything, I recall reading or hearing recently that they sped up the .. transition from 5 areas a week to 50. Quite how they were planning to increase the frequency by a factor of ten is beyond me completely!

Anyway I have had long discussions with a lot of locals and several right across the north and there is even talk of a .. protest.

If your local and even if your not .. and want to look at and like the page here it is ..


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