Oh dear.

It seems the EU are having another issue and right at the heart of it too?

No, not bloody Brussels. The only running of Europe by Brussels is in name only. So something of a misnomer really. Bloody hate it when they say Brussels as it is misleading. The offices are in Brussels and that’s about it.

Hmm .. I wonder why Brussels was decided upon in the first instance?

Oh I was probably told or taught this but over the years just forgot.

Anyway .. it would really seem Angela Merkel has something of a major dilemma on its hands and I’m not entirely sure how they are going to get around it?

I’m also thinking that there must be a point whereby another election must be called? Not sure about that but it’s a simple matter of maths and very basic maths at that.

As I was explaining this to my daughter today I also said that I wasn’t too sure about the Tory coalition either. I thought it was all done and dusted, so to speak, but then read it wasn’t.

I’m also wondering that is this continues on that a similar situation will arise here where yet another election will get called out forced upon us?

Imagine that? People were complaining about that previous snap election and now there could be another?

I think I would just sit there chuckling at the reactions of the public when the inevitable wave of journalists tread street after street asking the public for their reactions.

I’m also going to be waiting for the inevitable backlash as, if what I’m hearing is right, people in the area of Wirral are being called into the Job Centre to be told their benefits are being stopped and won’t be paid until after Christmas?

More on that in my following post.

It’s amazing the doggedly stubborn attitudes governments have adopted to piss off their public.

Taking away money from the poor over Christmas? Well that means no one will be spending over Christmas.

This first of all will have a knock on effect to businesses to, you fucking idiots.

Two major areas that I know of are to be affected and that’s parts of the North East, Humberside and/or Grimsby along with the North West. Wirral and maybe Liverpool? There may well be other areas too.

They requested a pause in the roll-out of Universal Credit and no one thought to ask what was going to happen to families over Christmas?

Being in mind that Universal Credit is not confined to the jobless either. It applies to tidy working too in many cases.

Well done you thoughtless blithering idiots.

Any destruction performed to any properties during all this and for the first time I’m going to say ..

.. on the government’s head be it and at their door will laid absolutely all of the blame.

One things is for sure and that is that over the next couple of weeks a whole bloody barrel load of touchpapers are going to be lit up.

I do not think those touchpapers are going to be very long in length.

In the meantime the EU who has not give a crap about the British people are now holding us to ransom for £40 Billion. Ahh .. well .. that’s nice.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Germany political crisis: What are the options? –


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