That title is not even mine.

Read on.

I was reading an article to do with the rise of nationalist parties, some wrongly labelled far-right and worse, in European countries.

This came about after seeing an article about Angela Merkel’s failure in coalition talks recently. My word, I didn’t even know coalition talks we still going on. At the end I saw a link to another news report that asked how far right the German nationalist party, AfD, Alternative for Germany is. So I migrated over to that report knowing full  well that not only am I reading a mainstream news media report and it’s going to be biased but it’s the BBC too. Likely the worst kind of bias there is.

Oddly enough I’ve moved two hundred and fifty miles and everyone here I’ve met this is aware that the mainstream news media is corrupt. They also are aware that all other public services are corrupt. Even including the famous NHS.

Of course this is not true of everyone, as far as being aware, as there would be a lot more trouble than there is. You would also hear about it more.

Or .. or .. what you would have had by now is someone realising they could make a killing had they the funds to set up a news media outlet.

I have been attempting this with merely a few blogs, a YouTube channel and a disability that changes in frequency on whether it’s going to kick lumps out of me or not. It also takes a bit more money than I was able to invest.

It doesn’t help when your backers realise your actually telling the truth, exposing corruption and pull the rug out from under you at the thirteenth hour!

Mind you what they didn’t realise, not did I fit a couple of reasons, is that they did this at the absolutely worst time imaginable.

This is because I had another issue that turns out it’s fairly serious, a cause for concern and has resulted in me stopping once and even twice in a hundred yards. Clutching my tightening chest as I do so while heart beating fast and getting out of breath.

Then there are the increase in frequency and intensity of attacks of anxiety because I’m in a strange land I don’t know, memory problems causing major issues here too.

Because I’m here to help my daughter who had the same condition as me, lots on her medical records to point at what she has but once again yet to be diagnosed. Plus ..

Well let’s just say there is another element of .. danger. Serious danger.

This actually has someone that I thought had no feelings at all, partly responsible if you ask me, white with fear. Would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

Also one of the reasons, trust me there are many, were the lies this person told.

Over a number of years they went through a series of cancers. One of them should have killed them fifteen years ago. It didn’t.

As it turns out .. one of us is inevitable going to ask if there is any history of cancer in the family. I was asked by the person who is going to be asked “What so I say?!” knowing there is a list of fabricated cancer with just one family member.

So that person was asked and the answer was .. bizarre and unexpected. She lied about it to get me to stay?!


I guess all the other types of cancer she had  were fabricated in the hope that I would be told and then move 250 miles to live up here?

Unfortunately this put someone I care about through the ringer, so to speak. Several times too.

Huh .. I suppose when she teamed up with the paedophile Muslim ring who had radical Muslims within its fold linked to the terrorist cells in Manchester and Birmingham back in and around 2011 to 2013 who were all backed up by Wirral Council she did that hoping I would come up for the court case that dragged on for well over two years?!

Good God. I always knew she was a bit warped and in fact I tried telling a completely deaf Wirral Council and Liverpool High or Crown Court that over twenty years ago.

They lost, by the way.

Today the council know not to trust the woman riddled with a dozen different forms of cancer. Twenty years too late which compounded other problems that other public services were deliberately ignoring for years on end.

Yeah I had my life destroyed from very early on and then was battling an invisible force that when noticed them got missed to begin with and then lied about.

All the while the DWP were repeatedly kicking me in the nether regions.

My university kicked me in the same place because I turned down the offer of a Doctorate I spent many years regretting that I did.

Then the DWP decided to kick me in the nether regions several more times.

Then I get here and I find out that that my daughter has gone through something that’s almost a mirror image to my own .. except cancer is now a major concern.

As is the fact she had been through more domestic violence from a member of a group of people the mainstream media keep insisting are fucking wonderful.

There is absolutely historical court case with the first date being in Liverpool Crown Court, I think it was, in January 2018.

Then we get told the third out of four children is autistic. Over a month passes by while we wait due a proper diagnosis so we can get the proper support to four children who have had a very disruptive influence on their lives.

My daughter expects a new and suitable house in two weeks and believes everyone is helping her. A month later I move to here and it’s been over a month since then and she finally .. sort of have a house. Except .. it’s not suitable.

Still awaiting a diagnosis on the third child the fourth child had two tests and .. autism strikes twice. Obviously autism had never heard of lightning.

In the meantime I’ve lost a lot of money helping out and the car I purchased to help my daughter and four grandchildren has been impounded and crushed since being here. The Police were extremely sorry about that, would you believe.

A fuck up by my insurance company never having heard of me prevented me from getting my car back. Fucking idiots everyone.

Notice though just how many fines there are for fucking stupid things?

Notice how severe some punishments are due things that in reality are not casual punishments and people mostly only do to survive?

Because big companies are charging fees so fucking high that’s it’s easy over double that of being obscene.

So when I see these so called far right groups popping up in other European countries I can’t help thinking that very similar things have happened there?

The displacement in what were people’s hometowns and roots is bad enough. But then the rapes, bombings and taking over too is too much.

Then the real natives being kicked in the nether regions because of giving the invaders things they don’t deserve? Nice.

So they think it’s wise to control the press do they?

Take a guess at who came to with that line I use in the title?

Would it surprise you to learn it was the Nazis?

It did me!

Read the article.

In my opinion .. the news groups need to be taken apart from their owners, at leas in part, and equal amounts of the news media need to be owned by people belonging to people who are affiliated with each of the political parties.

Better still would be to be owned equally by far-right, centre-right, centre, centre-left and far left and even then things will still not be perfect. This is because as I have stated so many times before each solution to a given problem might need come from anywhere within the political spectrum. By that I mean the correct one and NOT the politically correct one which for me is a non-term that I have absolutely loathed ever since I first heard it. It tends to suggest that many of the wrong visions are correct and many of the right ones are wrong. At least that is how it appears to me and has done for a while now.

This is because being politically correct still does not amount to being fair. It amounts to a knee jerk reaction with no forethought whatsoever just so that those that have been voted into jobs do not get unfair labels applied to them and therefore get to keep their overpaid jobs. That is it and that is all in at least 80% of the situation and I am trying to be fair here. To me it is more like 95% of the situations as the very least.

This is not the way to run any country and what you do is alienate ever more of your own population who you force into years of hardships that when they start to behave like the animals you have treated them as you claim you were correct in your policies because these people have all behaved like .. well .. animals.

Yeah .. a tiny bit of a flaw in that philosophy, something I have been notoriously good at for many years, in that in these situations there is not anyone that would not behave like animals. Except those of the mot timid of dispositions and let us be honest here .. name we one fucking person in government or even politic in general that is of that timid a disposition? None that I have ever come across.

So the privileged animals, because that is hat e all are regardless of class or fecking breeding, blame the poorest animals of behaving like animals when they have treated them like animals and forced suffering on them for year after year.

And as for idiots like Iain Duncan-Smith who I have since been reliably told sees the working class as slaves to serve the higher classes like him? Yeah .. wanker, where exactly where do you get off thinking that and while we are on the subject could you explain the science to me for why some people, like morons like you, get to think like that?

I simply cannot class absolutely anyone as either intelligent nor wise for ever thinking like this towards other sections of society.

Sure .. there are those I would consider to be the dregs of society though in all honesty a majority of these are made up of a very specific religion. This is because of their twisted views towards other cultures while behaving like wailing children and screaming banshees when you say anything about them. Acting like they are the new master race of the planet while standing in groups in their streets making noises that make even groups of monkeys fro many species appear more civilised.

That is not even venturing into what they do to animals before they eat them. Dear God I will never forget first being told this may years ago.

I hate to say it but God help us with the naivety and the extremely biased media.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: German election: How right-wing is nationalist AfD? –


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