You just can’t seem to go a day without the public services doing something stupid. At least that’s how it used to be. The government obviously was not content with that.

Today my daughter attended her fourth meeting to do with all the strife of recent events. So this would involve the domestic violence and the fact that she has four children to contend with and get to schools at different times.

Bearing in mind two them are autistic and that the older of these is having an ever increasing amount of major meltdowns. Communication is not too great either. We petrified add were told this will get worse plus the younger one is starting to have her meltdowns and before long she will catch up to the older one with intensity and frequency. God only knows where the older one will be by then?!

And to think the second oldest boy is a problem too .. half of the time. Didn’t listen, is crafty, lies through his teeth to get what he wants and does dangerous things that the autistic ones are bound to copy leading you to fear that they will do something, like electric themselves for one.

They all get through a useless child gate .. hell themselves to whatever for they can get their hands on and throw the rest.

The older one has shown signs of moods too, who was otherwise not much bother so maybe early puberty?!

Yeah so without the scare of the ‘C’ word hanging over us currently there is the fact that we both suffer with the same disability but that carries a danger in itself to each of us. Just different dangers. Blood clots and heart problems.

Yeah .. so the meeting was regarding a family of six, four which have bad health issues.

Oh did I mention the domestic violence which has led to a historical court case?

Yeah .. well .. for the third time in a row now the social worker, no one from the council and victim support woman all failed to turn up!

The health visitor did so as she normally does, getting angry about them last time and taking my daughter for a latte afterwards. As did the Independent Review Officer who herself wasn’t impressed. That was the second time in a row.

So would it surprise you to discover that just today they all failed to turn up yet again from Wirral Council and Victim Support?

This did not go down well with the Independent Review Officer and my daughter was impressed with her reaction to the no shows.

Now I’m not cynical. I’ve just been at this long enough to know that not only can you not trust anyone but you also cannot find anyone to actually and genuinely help.

In other words I hope that the Independent Review Officer is just in on the charade to keep my daughter happy and stop her from approaching the tabloids or TV news groups, not that they are guaranteed to cover a top news story anyway. What with my positive on that and my willing to bet they are pretty accurate to boot.

The .. IRO was going crazy and decided to totally ignore council staff when they said “hello” to them. She said something about my daughter and her children not getting anything in the way of support from authorities. She became angrier still when she learned my daughter was witness to two crimes with one being a murder where she tried to help save the guys life. They thought they had until he died the days or so later.

So then .. twice in one day? Well …. No!

Upon arriving home with the children, the older two while I looked after the younger two with one having a constant meltdown, she told me that the Job Centre had just for her friends that they have her their benefits stopped and weight be getting any money until after Christmas?!

First off this is this Universal Credit bollocks, apparently, and secondly .. this could have a five year old little girl. It gets better as the father has her anxiety issues, I’ve witnessed this, and added to all that the mother is .. pregnant!!

My daughter said to me that the Job Centre have asked her in to talk to her .. this Thursday and she is panicking now that they will say the same to her?! She said if they tell her the same thing she will “kick off”.

She also stated that if this is what’s coming it’s going to go off around here. I think I’m going to be needing a camera before very long?!

Though familiar with the phrase I used for the title of this post, Death From A Thousand Cuts, it was mentioned to me recently by a GP when describing what life is like being a GP today under the NHS.

After hearing first the failure of so-called professionals who are also supposed to be so-called servants of the people and then what they may well be about to do to the locals around here, as well as Humberside/Grimsby, I’m wondering if I was meant to be here for more reasons than one?

Life in the UK truly is becoming akin to that of a form of capital punishment and torture practiced in China pre-1905 and introduced around the tenth century?!

I first off simply cannot believe the inhumanity of it all and secondly and just as shocking add the first .. that the fucking corrupt news media are not nor have not covered this at all.

Extremely bad journalistic research?

Ignoring the thousands of people that must be emailing them or writing to them?

Ignoring them because they have been ordered to do so by their bosses or owners?

In which case, complicit in the murder of tens or hundreds of thousands of people, it’s far from over yet, to save the wealthiest some pocket money due their next Ferrari?!

Those history books I repeatedly refer to cannot be published fast enough. I just hope I just love long enough to actually read them and witness the reaction of the wider public.

In fact I very much long to see the reaction of the wider public when the truth is finally realised and I get to see whether or not we are truly an amoral nation, and how we become one. Or if we still have some values left in what was once a stand together nation of strong Christian values?

Hopefully not too much time will pass before I can tell?


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