Well this one was .. shocking!

I’ve long and often spoke about the types of people there are out there. There are those that have common sense, intelligence and morals. There are those with the above traits but are naive, normally the ones ultimately responsible for things remaining the same. Then there are the amoral crowd.

Some people seem to change. I have a Tory hating friend who often sounds like a Tory.

But tonight .. I see this story on the BBC News App about someone who left a note on the windscreen of an ambulance.

Did it say something like “help, in having a heart attack at 221b”? No.

Did it say “I see someone collapse through their window I’m afraid they might be having a heart attack or stroke”? Nope.

It stated “You may be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive”?!

‘Van’? Not too bright either then?

Of course .. out could turn out that it was in a place where the local council are just complete bastards when it comes to parking and giving out tickets?

Don’t even get me started on the costs and the horrors of motoring today!

This wasn’t even London. Though it was a place called Small Heath in Birmingham. Could be a place where parking could be a living nightmare?

The trouble is when people are forced to live a miserable life that only gets worse while being guilt tripped into not saying anything about anything due to unfair labels being applied .. well it will turn almost anyone will turn amoral.

Yes being helpful and making sacrifices for others while everyone is waiting to rip a piece of you every five minutes .. wears somewhat thin in the end.

So I don’t know if Britain was just full of naive people and amoral people all along? Or whether or not this number had been rising because amoral people have been created?

I would like to see a a series of referendums just to see what the majority of people think on certain subjects .. certain .. important subjects .. like

  • Welfare state as regards to the jobless
  • Welfare State as regards to disabled people
  • The NHS and the way it is run
  • Who would like to see politicians deal with things instead of putting them off?
  • Who thinks there is enough transparency?
  • Who is pissed off with the recent revelations in the Paradise Papers about those wan .. people avoiding taxes being the ones that lecture us on budgeting?
Oh? There as supposed to be just three things but .. I .. got a little carried away .. LOL!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: ‘Don’t block my drive’ note left on ambulance –


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