There is a statement I have gotten repeatedly I have always disagreed with and this was always followed by a question that I could not answer other than saying “When I see it I will know”.

The statement I always disagreed with was “This is it .. society is collapsing .. TONIGHT”

The question that followed would always be “well when do you think will happen that will lead to it kicking off?”

As previously stated when I see it I will know.

Tonight I might well have both seen it and heard it and it was actually reported by the BBC News to a couple of shocked people. My daughter and myself.

One shocking aspect of what is being called “The Paradise Papers” is that none other than the Royal Family, the British one, is being mentioned! Questions being pondered about tax avoidance which would have to be dealt with, or previously not as the case may be, by none other than Her Majesty’s Customs & Revenue.

You simply cannot make this shit up. You really cannot.

What you need in any situation where things kick off of stuff starts ‘going down’ is just the right sort of catalyst.

In the event that something bigger is to go down you need a pretty good catalyst and something that would piss off just about everyone.

Tonight and with the announcement and details of what they are calling the paradise papers you are getting just that.

Released to an international consortium of journalists, or news groups or something, are a great deal of documents, as I stated ‘leaked’, about the rich stashing money in off shore banks.

I am anticipating that the leaks will go on for days, rather like the Wikileaks stuff though I wonder if it will disappear a lot earlier than expected and again just like the Wikileaks documents.

When Wikileaks first broke they were stating that to publish everything was going to take something like 18 months but I seem to recall it going quite inside one third of that time.

You needed a situation where the powers that be look to be .. hypocrites. It also helps if they look to be completely incompetent too. Well they have done a pretty good job themselves over the last ten years at looking fucking idiotic. Over the next few days they are going to be look extremely hypocritical. I do not think you have a better chance of showing that it is one rule for them and another for everyone else.

Facebook and Twitter mentioned! Oooh I thought Christmas only came once a year?!

Bono is mentioned.

Bright House?! Ooh I am loving this!

Ahh .. according to the New York Times they were part of 380 odd journalists from 90 media outlets to see this crap.

The New York Times also states that the ‘core of the leak totalling 13.4 million documents .. ‘ .. thirteen point four million documents at the .. core .. of the leak? Jesus H. Christ!

That is surely enough to bet the Wikileaks documents?

Oooh .. Panorama I now coming on! Involving the Paradise Papers, of course.

The question I have to ask it why would the Royals use overseas tax havens when they are not avoiding tax? Yeah .. OK so they pay voluntarily .. big bloody deal.

Lord Ashcroft is a big focus for the UK side and Panorama right at this very moment. The Conservative Party donor. Well .. has has bee very conservative, has he not? While expecting the poor and working class, not forgetting that disabled people have now been thrown into that mix, to jum through hoops and pay money over they do not possess.

The BBC’s Panorama stated that “£10 Million [presumably UK money] has been invested offshore”? Umm .. that is neat. Is that one individual or one organisation or the total? Also .. over what time period? For the whole of the UK £10 Million does not sound like very much. Even if it was just one individual it would not be a surprising amount. But then maybe this is because I have had figures of billions and even trillions constantly thrown at me, and pissing me off, by media outlets like the BBC for bloody years? I can recall telling a friend I used to watch the news with that it is insulting that the news media throw these figures amounting to billions and trillions about as if it was small change.

I just want one series of things to come out in the coming weeks and I am sure that it will and that is that which was mentioned some years back which then just vanished from the mainstream media. This would be the mention years back of the public services stashing money they claimed they did not have in the banks of other nations. One in particular was that of the Icelandic bank which went .. belly-up.

I would dearly love for all the local councils to get mentioned in this, I really would. Better still if other pubic services all get mentioned in the coming weeks and months and especially those I have had run-ins with that I have caught lying to e while secretly recording them.

These would be ..

  • Local Councils, as mentioned

  • Two specific Police Forces

  • NHS

  • DWP (This competes what I call the Evil Trinity of NHS/DWP/Councils)

  • Ombudsmen would be a sweet, sweet bonus

For now though I am getting the great satisfaction that the fucking patronizing twats that think themselves more intelligent and worse still, wiser than everyone else as well as their over the top feelings of self-entitlement.

As I stated to someone that first thought that the UK as going to collapse over the Grenfell Tower fire, when I stated it would not, and now states that nothing would happen over this .. this is that catalyst I have been expecting.

I have this sneaky suspicion that this will be so damning, anger inducing across a wide spectrum and soo .. in your face with the two rule set system that the UK government, and likely many other countries besides, are going to have to tread very, very .. lightly when it comes to doing anything from here on in that is seen as kicking the public in the teeth again.

That is providing that these imminent revelations alone do not light the proverbial touch-paper. In the event that this does not it will ensure that anything done to the public in general will force that catalyst to .. spark into life.

I have a mountain of mistakes to rectify, some of my own or disabilities making and others that of various public services. I still have things to retrieve and things to do and I am still .. helping out where my .. immediate family is concerned.

But I will be keeping a keen eye and ear out for more of the revelations that will no doubt be released over the coming days or weeks.

Please let it be them .. please let it be them .. please ..


New York Times ..

A Reddit Page ..

The Guardian ..


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