Well how about that?

Currently ill and under a duvet I see this BBC Report about soaring rent prices and it’s effect on low income tenants.

This reminded me of another report I saw on the BBC News about how 84% of people on the new and claimed to be fairer Universal Credit are in rent arrears!

I cannot think of a time when the government have been quite so stupid, made big claims regarding their plans and got it so wrong?

Bizarrely it’s just as I predicted.

In my new home I’m already hearing plenty of horror stories and one has started to unfold right before my eyes..

A woman I’ve met who has a little girl who is about 5 or 6 and is also pregnant has just received an eviction notice.

Yep you read that right .. pregnant and with a little girl and just received an eviction notice ..

.. from her local council, no less!

I’ve also been proved right about the honesty of a particular group of people and actually spoken to a man I would happily hospitalise for the rest of his life.

Fortunately he is behind bars .. yeah .. they seem to be able to phone out using mobile phones?! God knows what other fucking shit they are allowed to do, or indeed, getting away with.

Domestic violence from a Muslim man that, just as I did on a previous occasion and later proved, I’m sure is a radical.

Still I’m here to work on the latter part of that along with his community of friends .. the leader of which has stated that we English are all racist because we won’t allow Muslim men to batter white English women to a pulp, threaten the lives of a mother and four children and walk free. Yup .. you better believe that too!

He was happy I was here .. then immediately accused the person in with of lying .. that I’m not who I say I am. That was to a woman.

Funny .. he was not quite so brave with me on the phone.

He also warned me about the woman’s mother .. an odd coincidence. Odd because that’s the third Muslim man to tell me how bad this mother is.

This woman .. who was defended by a social worker friend of mine for a fair old while. That was .. annoying.

I was told by one a few years back that if this bother lived in the middle East she would be stoned to death.

The cat is half way out the bag.

Despite buying a fucking laptop I am still without one! Do not get me started.

It seems your allowed to sell untested crap whether your selling new, or at least claiming to be, or used items right there on the high street.

Also .. the council are not helping this family of four children and one mother ..

Oh they have said they are sorry for the past and .. visit every so often but .. that’s not helping and not is it making amends.

There is also something that .. looks to be obvious about one of the children .. meaning special care and support is needed. Let’s see shall we, when we have it confirmed?

I’ve also been asked if I can attend a county court hearing by a defendant.

Another example that seem to get worse with each one of the government not being fit for purpose. That’s leaving aside being both incompetent and liars.

Still .. this nation as a whole still appears to be being extremely naive. Or just amoral .. I’m not sure which just yet.

Now where the feck is my stuff?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Low-income tenants battle soaring rents – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41601455


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