Jesus .. H .. Christ!

As if a visit to accident and emergency .. or was it an urgent care centre? Anyway .. as if that was not enough .. last night I was in agony.

Stomach pains after eating a Doner Kebab the night before. Did not come on until the afternoon but then it gradually built up and then there was all that sulphuric gas smell. It got so bad I spent an hour or more shoving my fingers down my throat as that takes the focus away from the pain and kind of has a chance of shifting .. something.

In fact I spent so long at it that I now have a sore tongue .. or at least it appears to be sore underneath and I have a sneaky suspicion that .. it will hurt to talk? Lol. Will please a few people, lol.


I am right in the middle of .. well a whole bloody raft of things as it turns out.

I have spent a few days here and there just going through my house like a whirlwind and just throwing a hell of a lot out, re-arranging stuff into .. umm sections and trying to do the garden bit by bit.

But everyone I have been honest with has either pulled support or now expecting my to do the proverbial cart-wheels.

It is a little hard to say what all this means .. right now at any rate. But by the end of the month it will inevitably become clear. Because I cannot change things now and I will harp on about it once it is all over.

Well I say .. all over .. but it might be anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks before it is fully over and things have settled down .. to a degree?

So yeah .. having two flare ups in the space of a week, or a little over as I am having difficulty keeping track.

Also do not forget .. as I do, that I .. forget and have a hard time keeping track!

My word I do not want to see another Doner Kebab as long as I live .. which is annoying as I had one for the first time a few weeks back and I was fine that time!

I did have some serious problems over a year ago each time I had a Doner Kebab, cows milk also and normal chip shop chips. So I stopped eating all three. Had chip shop chips recently to no ill effect and also that last doner so I thought it was something that had passed on by?

I also was given this drink with this ‘clay’ in which is supposed to kill any parasites so when I was OK I thought maybe I had some internal parasite that the Doctors and Hospitals had missed?

Apparently not.

What I am heading towards right now is a make me or break me kind of crossroads.


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