Well it’s taken longer than I first thought but it looks like one set of wheels on an Apple cart are becoming loose.

In the BBC report below many people with Apple iPhones of the 5th and 6th generations don’t want to upgrade to the latest 7th generation.

It’s not just Apple owners either.

These phones are bloody expensive for what they are and they are not even designed to last beyond about two years.

No? You disagree?

Ready to change your battery is it?

It’s really expensive to buy these things and people are feeling the squeeze everywhere now. I know it’s taken a bloody long time for people to wake up but they are waking up.

For the cost of the top of the range phones I can get a pretty decent laptop. The funny thing is that’s about to change. For the better!

A laptop is far more useful to me right now than a smartphone. In fact I hate fucking phones but that’s because of Android, WordPress and the mobile phone networks.

My provider Three have just hiked to the price of their unlimited package by a whole £10 per month. This is after hiking it twice by £5 per month. Yerrr if you haven’t worked it out its been raised by more than DOUBLE!

Also since this new change my phone’s run out of £10 credits twice in less than a week. Before the change £10 lasted six weeks.

Confused? You should be.

I did state I get unlimited internet sooo .. how am I running out of credit with a package?

For two fucking years I’ve had to run not one but TWO mobile phones.

Because they are all unreasonable and greedy.

At the exact same time they show that big companies simply refuse to tighten their belts like the rest of humanity. Seven years into this financial crisis and they still haven’t figured out it and because they haven’t bothered to we have to pay for it.

Makes a mockery of governments and public officers dictating and lecturing to individuals about then tightening their belts, does it not?!

Ooh .. you don’t know what I mean?

Trust me that over the next month or two that one is also coming!

I’ve been tricked, double crossed, lied to and then lectured about what I can and can’t do with my own money. I’ve even been moaned at fit going away .. from a public service that had already suspended their support. Yes .. I get nothing and they are still dictating as well as being extremely rude and our of place.

Yeah .. that’s something I’ve worked on since February and a continuation of something I’ve worked on since last October 2016.

Yeah .. then there’s the stuff I’ve secretly worked on for two years now.

Yeah .. then there’s the stuff I’m going to be working on.

Plus the unboxings from the shopping lists I’ve got but have had to pause.

Bit big businesses refuse to budge and bills their hands out for our tax money or be trading favours when it gives to the law and advertising standards. Yup .. the ASA will likely have awkward questions out to them.

If I buy something that’s advertised as new then I fucking want it to be new. That has not been happening .. a lot .. and due a long time see where is the tax funded Advertising Standards Authority all that time?

I me them aware of this scam several years back and since then I’ve drawn attention to others that have done the same thing.

So what have the public funded ASA been doing? Sitting on their arses stuffing their faces with doughnuts? Taking back-handers? They most certainly have been looking the other way and for many years too.

Built in batteries you can’t replace so you have to buy a new phone?

Funny how the environment morons are never around spouting their crap about this?

I say morons because they get things wrong, just like these hack climate scientists. Funny how everyone that’s an idiot or spouting false but sensationalist claims all get week paid jobs while I don’t get an interview?! Lol.

I reckon that mobile phones manufacturers emit more heat and chemicals than anyone else. I say that because everyone in the world more or less has a new one every year or three!

But it’s slowing down and the Dixons Group board members are worried.

Not about construction change. No we get charged for that .. like the fucking £550 tax I have to pay every year for my car?! That’s more than what I was paying for fully comprehensive and protected no claims insurance on an Alfa Romeo 3.0 V6!!

Mugged in broad daylight.

But I’m a poor individual, of which we have no rights and they can move the goalposts around as they see fit.

If I received money based on false information is below locked up for years.

Be interesting to see what happens as this showdown of mobile phone sales unfolds?


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Why does no-one want a new phone these days? –


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